After War Gundam Another X

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Series Details

[b]Series Name:[/b] After War Gundam Another X

[b]Series Info:[/b] SimChamber Original Series

[b]Description:[/b] Set at the same time as the original After War Gundam X, Another X asks the question "What if Operation Lilac had succeeded and the Space Revolutionary Army had won the 7th Space War?"

Instead of retiring and becoming a scavenger, United Nations Earth ace pilot Jamil Neate became a fugitive, wanted for war crimes against the Space Revolutionary Army. He eventually met up with the resistance group "Vulture" and joined them, vowing to continue the fight.

Plot Details

In no particular order:

  • Because Operation Lilac ended the war earlier, Jamil never had his final battle against his rival, Lancerow Dawell, and as such remained a very powerful Newtype. Lancerow quit the SRA after the war, and is now searching for Jamil, in order to finish their battle.
  • The SRA, having won the war, now control the microwave transmission channels, effectively disabling all Satellite Cannons. They are still unable to take control of D.O.M.E., however, due to it's powerful defensive systems.
  • Fort Severn becomes an open SRA Newtype research facility, performing research into creating artificial Newtypes in order to bolster their ranks. At one point in the series, Vulture attacks the fort to destroy the research and rescue the people, and must fight Carris in the Vertigo. However, Jamil manages to convince Carris to join Vulture.
  • Garrod tries to steal the Another X, however he gets captured after he discovers that he requires a G Controller to pilot it. He agrees to join Vulture, and later on is given Another X after Jamil gets the Chi Gundam. He pilots it with Tifa, who he has developed a relationship for, allowing him to still make use of the G-Bits.


Former United Nations Earth

Independent Brigade "Vulture"

Space Revolutionary Army