After War Gundam Another X/Esperansa

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[b]NGE-744 Gundam Esperansa[/b]

[b]Armor Material:[/b] Lunar titanium alloy armor and frame
[b]Dimensions:[/b] 23.1 meters tall (MS mode); 17.8 meters long (MA mode)
[b]Weight:[/b] Empty 10.3 metric tons; max gross weight unknown
[b]Pilot(s):[/b] Enil El
[b]Creator(s):[/b] United Nations Earth

[b]Ability Data[/b]

[b]Mobile Armour Mode:[/b] The Gundam Esperansa can transform into a high-speed, well-armed mobile armour.
[b]Tough Armour:[/b] In MS Mode, the Esperansa is resilient to attacks due to it's imposing size. When in MA Mode, it's not quite as well protected from attack due to it's shape, however it makes up for that in speed.
[b]Resupply:[/b] SRW gave the original Esperansa Resupply, so clearly an AU version should get it too.

[b]Weapon Data[/b]

[b]Vulcans:[/b] Standard MS head vulcans. Only usable in MS Mode.
[b]Missiles:[/b] Missile launchers in the Esperansa's shoulders. Usable in MS and MA Mode.
[b]Machine Cannons:[/b] Larger vulcan cannons on the Esperansa's shoulders. Usable in MS and MA Mode.
[b]Beam Guns:[/b] A pair of beam guns mounted on the Esperansa's back, though they end up facing forward in MA Mode. As such, they're only really usable in MA Mode.
[b]Large Beam Rifle:[/b] The Esperansa uses an exceptionally large beam rifle; much more powerful then the standard MS rifle. The rifle is also mounted under the Esperansa when in MA mode, so it is usable in both forms.
[b]Large Beam Saber:[/b] The Large Beam Rifle can also be used to form a very large beam saber blade. Technically this blade can also be formed in MA Mode, but using it would be awkward. Not that Enil doesn't try...
[b]Scatter Bazooka:[/b] A large bazooka that fires shells that detonate close to their target, spraying the area in deadly shrapnel.

[b]Technical and Historical Notes:[/b]

The personal mobile suit of elite mercenary Enil El, made for her by the technicians of the resistance unit she was employed by using spare parts and pieces recovered from abandoned UNE supply caches. The massive mobile suit makes for an imposing figure in battle, and yet it is still agile enough to quickly move around the battlefield and avoid attacks.

Though it may not strictly be a Gundam by design, Enil insisted on having a Gundam's V-Fin found and placed on the Esperansa's head. She tried once to steal the fin from Jamil's Another X, however she was driven away. They next met as allies defending the UNE research base from the SRA, where she was finally able to find a V-Fin that would fit her Esperansa.