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[b]GX-9900-A Gundam Another X[/b]

[b]Armor Material:[/b] Lunar titanium alloy armor and frame
[b]Height:[/b] 17.1 meters
[b]Weight:[/b] Empty 7.5 metric metric tons; max gross weight unknown
[b]Pilot(s):[/b] Jamil Neate
[b]Creator(s):[/b] United Nations Earth

[b]Ability Data[/b]

[b]Shield:[/b] The Another X's original Buster Shield was destroyed in combat years ago, so it just makes use of a standard shield.
[b]Flash System:[/b] As Jamil retained his Newtype powers, he continued to make use of the G-Bit system of his Gundam X.

[b]Weapon Data[/b]

[b]Vulcans:[/b] Standard MS vulcans, mounted in the chest.
[b]Shoulder Vulcan:[/b] More powerful vulcan cannon, mounted on the shoulder.
[b]Large Beam Saber:[/b] All Gundam X units were equipped with a slightly larger then usual beam saber.
[b]Buster Rifles:[/b] Another X's original Buster Rifle was destroyed in combat years ago, and Vulture was never able to find a replacement. Instead, Another X just uses a pair of Airmaster Buster Rifles.
[b]X Grenade:[/b] Powerful anti-MS hand grenades.
[b]500mm Cannon:[/b] While nowhere near as powerful as the Satellite Cannon, a salvaged Daughtress Weapon's shoulder cannon allows the Another X to have some strong long-range firepower.
[b]Hyper Bazooka:[/b] A clip-fed bazooka.
[b]Divider:[/b] A special shield which houses 18 fire-linked beam guns. Built by Vulture out of spare parts to make up for the loss of the Satelite Cannon.

[b]Technical and Historical Notes:[/b]

After the end of the 7th Space War, United Nations Earth ace pilot Jamil Neate went into hiding with his Gundam X. After the war, he began a series of hit-and-run strikes against various SRA sites across the globe, trying to waste their resources while also resupplying his own. However, the battle was taking it's toll on the Gundam X, and eventually it ceased to function in the middle of a battle. Thankfully, however, a resistance group made up of former UNE soldiers were also looking to attack that facility, and were able to rescue Jamil.

The Gundam X was badly damaged, and it's Satellite Cannon was completly unusable because the SRA controlled the microwave transmission system, however the resistance group were able to scrounge up spare parts and weapons to reequip the Gundam and keep it operational. Calling themselves Vulture, they asked for Jamil's assistance in their fight.

Remembering that a lot of SRA soldiers would call his MS "another Gundam X", Jamil decided to rename his fixed up suit the Gundam Another X. When Jamil is given the Gundam New X, the Another X gets passed down to Garrod, who has another pilot seat installed into it so that Tifa can control the Flash System.