After War Gundam Another X/Patulia II

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[b]MAN-003-2 Patulia Mk II[/b]

[b]Armor Material:[/b] Unknown
[b]Dimensions:[/b] overall height 105 meters; overall length 617 meters (fully deployed)
[b]Weight:[/b] 38800 metric tons
[b]Pilot(s):[/b] 2 operators, 7 Carris-series Newtype Clones
[b]Creator(s):[/b] Space Revolutionary Army

[b]Ability Data[/b]

[b]Newtype Life Units:[/b] Because of the larger pool of Newtypes available due to the cloning labs in Fort Severn, the upgraded Patulia Mk II has life unit pods for up to 7 Newtypes; one to control the weaponry, and 6 to control the Vertigo or Vertigo Mk II units docked within remotely, using a similar technology as the G-Bit System.
[b]I-Field:[/b] Like the original Patulia, the Mk II uses a powerful anti-beam field to protect it from attacks.
[b]Mobile Suit Docking Bays:[/b] The Patulia Mk II is designed to hold up to 6 Vertigo or Vertigo Mk IIs, specially modified to be controlled remotely by the Newtypes in the life units.

[b]Weapon Data[/b]

[b]Missiles:[/b] In addition to the beam cannons, the Mk II also has multiple launchers for various anti-air and anti-MS missiles.
[b]Wired Beam Guns:[/b] Like the original, the Patulia Mk II's main arsenal is a series of 30 wired beam guns. However these beam guns have been upgraded over the original in that they all also mount 3 wireless bits for additional firepower and range.
[b]Scattering Mega Particle Cannon:[/b] Along the edges of the Patulia's fully deployed "wings" are a series of particle cannons that fire widely diffused blasts of mega particles, instead of focused shots. This allows the Patulia to hit a much wider area, though it does less damage to any specific location.
[b]Main Particle Cannon:[/b] The center of the Patulia when it is fully deployed is the main mega particle cannon. Capable of devastating firepower, there's not much that can stand up to a direct hit.

[b]Technical and Historical Notes:[/b]

Already a monster mobile armour, the upgraded Patulia produced by the Newtype labs at Fort Severn is almost an unstoppable force. Like the original Patulia, the Patulia Mk II is escorted by a number of Vertigo units. However, unlike the original Patulia, the Mk II houses docking and repair bays for each one internally, eliminating the need for them to return to an SRA base for maintenance. As well, each Vertigo is equipped with a system based on the G-Bit system used by the UNE's Gundams, allowing each Vertigo to be piloted by a Newtype within a life unit inside the Patulia itself. As the Newtype is piloting the Vertigo remotely, no harm would come to them should the Vertigo be defeated, as well.

The weapons of the Patulia were also upgraded, with some standard missiles being added to reduce the reliance on energy. As well, the wired beam guns were modified to also house a number of bits, similar to the ones used by the Vertigos, for added firepower and range.

With all these improvements, the Patulia Mk II would be able to crush any resistance against the SRA. Vulture was only able to defeat it with the help of the original Carris Nautilus, who was able to use his Newtype powers to interfere with the clones controlling the Patulia's systems.