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Protoform Mecha Licensing and Enforcement Bureau

A United Nations organization tasked with the licensing and oversight of all Protoforms on Earth. Equipped with various technologies left behind by the Windovians, they can restrict or remove the abilities of Protoform pilots. However, the organization's manning requirements don't allow them to have all field operatives be Protoform pilots, so the PMLEB uses their own series of Earth-made License Enforcers.

District 52

The branch of the Protoform Mecha Licensing and Enforcement Bureau stationed in Nouveau Neo New York.

Protoform Security

The largest private Protoform military company in the world, Protoform Security has contracts in every country. Every conflict, large or small, since the advent of Protoforms has had at least one Protoform Security operative participating. Protoform Security only recruits the best, and has a very high percentage of ex-soldiers who have been laid off due to the larger role Protoforms have taken in any conflict.

Protoform currently has a standing contract with Nouveau Neo New York to provide defence against rogue Protoforms. While they and the [Justice League] have the same goals, their wildly different philosophies tend to cause them to fight each other just as often as they fight the enemy.

[Justice League]

Protoform Pilots

Timmy Barrens

Your typical 17 year old teen living in Nouveau Neo New York. All he's ever wanted to be was a Protoform pilot, however the United Nations laws don't allow people to become pilots until 25. However, the Protoform systems don't follow human laws. Caught in a battle between [Placeholder PMC Protoform] and [Placeholder Evil Protoform], the Orbital Ring's master computer flagged Timmy as a Protoform Pilot, and his Protoform arrived just in time to save him from falling rubble.

Realizing that if he gets caught, he'll have his link to the Protoform severed, Timmy now spends his time trying to hide his Protoform Rev Up from the agents of District 52.

Johnny Wagner

A survivor from World War 3, Johnny was never really able to let go of what happened during the war. The sight of so many of his comrades dying for nothing before the Windovians arrived and stopped the fighting weighs heavily on him. He tried to live a normal life for a few years after the fighting stopped, however when he discovered one day that he was chosen as a Protoform Pilot, he knew that he would never get away from fighting and so joined Protoform Security as a pilot.

District 52 Pilots

Other Characters


An alien race from a far away galaxy, the Windovians shared their advanced technology with Earth hoping to stop the global conflicts that had been plaguing the planet for the last decade. Unfortunately, humans trusted the Windovians even less then they trusted each other, and used the technology against them, driving the Windovians away from Earth. However, it is possible that some of them are still around, watching from the massive Orbital Ring.