Dynames Cherudim

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[b]Dynames Cherudim[/b]

[b]Height:[/b] 6'1"
[b]Weight:[/b] 420 lbs

[b]Ability Data[/b]

[b]GN Condensers:[/b] The Mobile Citizens of Veda are strengthened by GN Particles in the air, and are able to absorb them to recover their energy.
[b]GN Phantoms:[/b] While in Trans-Am mode, Dynames Cherudim can generate a number of "phantom" copies of himself made out of GN Particles. The phantoms are obviously different from Dynames Cherudim, and are mostly incorporeal, however they are able to imitate to a lesser degree his GN Chaingun.
[b]Trans-Am:[/b] The more experience a Veda Mobile Citizen gets, the more they are able to condense the GN Particles around them, increasing the power and number of their attacks. Eventually, they can compress the GN Particles to such a point that their Mobile Citizen transformation evolves into a more powerful form. This form consumes an enormous amount of GN Particles, which limits how long the Mobile Citizen can stay in that form before needing to recharge.

[b]Weapon Data[/b]

[b]GN Melee:[/b] Not only can Dynames Cherudim perform normal melee moves, but he can also charge his attacks with small amounts of GN Particles for added kick.
[b]GN Tonfas:[/b] Small clubbing weapons formed out of GN Particles, extending from Dynames Cherudim's wrists.
[b]GN Chaingun:[/b] A multipurpose weapon. In it's primary form, the chaingun fires high-speed blasts of GN Particles in a wide area. Not very accurate, but the volume of fire makes up for it.
[b]GN Chaingun [Missiles]:[/b] An alternate form of the GN Chaingun. The sides of the chaingun shell flip out, revealing a missile launcher tube on each end, each firing a volley of small missiles that have been charged with GN Particles.
[b]GN Chaingun [Rifle]:[/b] An alternate form of the GN Chaingun. When Dynames Cherudim needs accurate fire, the top barrel compartment of the chaingun can detach and become a sniper rifle, firing more powerful blasts of GN Particles over long ranges.
[b]GN Chaingun [Cannon]:[/b] An alternate form of the GN Chaingun. Instead of firing each barrel in succession, Dynames Cherudim fires them all at once as a large beam of GN Particles.
[b]Rider Final Attack:[/b] Dynames Cherudim leaps up into the air, and begins firing the GN Chaingun at his enemy. While the chaingun is firing away, the missile tubes open up and starts laying down a volley of destruction around the target. While the missiles are coming down, Dynames Cherudim starts cranking up the fire rate on the chaingun until finally it changes into cannon mode, finishing off the enemy.

[b]Technical and Historical Notes[/b]

The Trans-Am mode of Rider Dynames, Dynames Cherudim's special power is a set of GN "phantoms". These phantoms help by not only increasing his firepower, but because they can operate up to a certain distance from Dynames Cherudim, they can feed off GN Particles for their attacks, easing Dynames' power drains.