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MBR-XTF-51(E) E-Matey

General and Technical Data

Model Number: MBR-XTF-51(E)
Name: E-Matey
Unit Type: Prototype combination general use Matey
Manufacturer: Unknown
Operator: Canadia Army
Accommodation: Pilot only
Dimensions: Head height, 16.1m
Weight: 95.4 metric tons
Construction: Matey-grade ablative armour on movable frame, covered by reinforced reactive armour
Powerplant: Ultra-compact fusion reactor, rating unknown; hybrid energy generator
Equipment: Sensors, range unknown; anti-energy field generator
Fixed Armaments: 1 x energy shield; 1 x 60mm CIWS vulcans, shoulder-mounted; 1 x energy saber, stored in the left hip, hand-carried in use; 1 x rail cannon, underslung on the right arm; 1 x heavy gatling cannon, underslung on the left arm; 1 x snub cannon, stored in right leg, hand-carried in use; 1 x anti-ship sword, stored in left leg, hand-carried in use
Optional Armaments: 1 x high-powered energy rifle, rating unknown

Technical and Historical Notes

When designing the E-Tank with combination in mind, the Canadia engineers worked on an improvement to the Matey Defender as their basis, and this is the result. Much more heavily armed and armoured then the Defender, the E-Matey was far better in defensive operations then the Matey Defender. The combination is much simpler then the Nano Matey, as well. The turret of the E-Tank shoots itself off, as the treads split in half horizontally. The lower treads move themselves to the front of the E-Tank, while the upper treads rotate to be perpendicular to the body. Then, the tops of the treads and body swing open, revealing a compartment for the R-Matey to dock in. The turret then attaches itself to the back, and the weapons on it swivel on their axis to their proper locations.

The E-Tank also housed a number of weapons inside of it for use when combined with the R-Matey. A second energy saber was mounted, because the first one is inaccessable. A snub cannon was mounted in a compartment in the right leg, for use in close range battles against heavy armour. In addition, a weapon that the engineers dubbed an "anti-ship sword" was mounted in a compartment on the left leg. This massive sword is folded up, and extends to it's full length when deployed. The blade consists of a thin energy blade, which when combined with the weight and force, cleaves through ships with ease, or so the engineers claim. The rail cannon and gatling cannons from the E-Tank were mounted in an underslung fashion under the right and left arms, respectively. This proved to be a much more effective weapon complement then the Matey Defender.

In addition to the firepower, the E-Matey also housed a number of defensive means. In addition to the reactive armour given by the E-Tank's structure, the E-Matey also had the anti-energy field generator, which, when combined with the armour, gave it incredible resistance to any weapon used against it. The combination also disables the generator's ability to recharge allied units, but that means the full output goes right into the E-Matey. Most of this energy, though, is actually used to super-charge the systems, producing higher performance then would otherwise be expected. It's because of this that the E-Matey manages to recover most of it's agility, even though it's much heavier and bulkier. The added energy also increases the damage of the powered weapons. The rest of the energy is used to regenerate the E-Matey's energy reserves. The Canadia engineers were very pleased with the design, and the E-Matey was used to great success in a number of operations.