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MBT-XT-30 E-Tank

General and Technical Data

Model Number: MBT-XT-30
Name: E-Tank
Unit Type: Prototype main battle tank
Manufacturer: Canadia Army
Operator: Canadia Army
Accommodation: Pilot only
Dimensions: Overall length 10.5 meters; overall height 3.4 meters; overall width 4.3 meters
Weight: 62.2 metric tons
Construction: Heavily reinforced structure and reactive armour
Equipment: Sensors, range unknown; hybrid energy generation/transfering system; anti-energy field generator
Fixed Armaments: 1 x 60mm CIWS vulcan, turret-mounted; 1 x heavy gatling cannon, turret-mounted; 1 x rail cannon, turret-mounted

Technical and Historical Notes

The E-Tank was the first unit to emerge from the plan to develop an in-house upgrade to the R-Matey. Part tired of relying on the recovered data, part to show how much they gained, the project was meant to make mission packs and support machines for the R-Matey. This unit was designed to patch up the other support role left by the Nanofighter.

As a support unit, the E-Tank is lightly armed, but the weapon complement is still comparible to a normal battle tank. For it's main gun, the E-Tank uses the typical Canadia electromagnetic rail cannon. Ammo for the rail cannon is so plentiful that it might as well be free, leaving only a drain on the reactor to power the magnetic coils. As a backup weapon, the E-Tank has a heavy gatling cannon which proves effective against armour and infantry alike. Finally, an anti-missile vulcan was mounted for protection.

Being a tank, even a support one, the E-Tank is still heavly armoured to withstand blows. In addition, the E-Tank also has an anti-energy field generator installed, using technology from the Matey Defender. The support aspect of the E-Tank comes from the hybrid energy generator. This generator is comprised of a number of miniturized power generators, chain-linked to provide an extremely large amount of energy. Part of this energy is syphoned off to recharge the E-Tank's batteries, but most of it is discharged at allies to fill up their energy reserves. On top of this, the E-Tank was designed as another unit that the R-Matey could combine with, expanding it's capabilities further. Overall, the E-Tank appeared to be a great success, and an excellent starting point for further Canadia advances for the R-Matey.