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MBR-XTF-51(H) Hyper Matey

General and Technical Data

Model Number: MBR-XTF-51(H)
Name: Hyper Matey
Unit Type: Prototype combination general use Matey
Manufacturer: Unknown
Operator: Canadia Army
Accommodation: Pilot only
Dimensions: Head height, 17.0m
Weight: 108.8 metric tons
Construction: Matey-grade ablative armour on movable frame, covered by reinforced reactive and nanite-based armour
Powerplant: Ultra-compact fusion reactor, rating unknown; hybrid energy generator
Equipment: Sensors, range unknown; nanomachine based self-repair system; anti-energy field generator
Fixed Armaments: 1 x energy shield; 2 x 60mm CIWS vulcans, shoulder-mounted; 1 x energy saber, stored in the left hip, hand-carried in use; 1 x energy cannon, shoulder-mounted; 1 x rail cannon, underslung on the right arm; 1 x heavy gatling cannon, underslung on the left arm; 1 x snub cannon, stored in right leg, hand-carried in use; 1 x anti-ship sword, stored in left leg, hand-carried in use, 2 x 12 pod missile tubes, wing-mounted
Optional Armaments: 1 x high-powered energy rifle, rating unknown

Technical and Historical Notes

Even though the Nano Matey and the E-Matey both performed superbly, the contrasting differences sometimes made missions difficult. In an effort to correct this, Yor tried something interesting. He had the Nanofighter merge with the E-Matey. The result, later named the Hyper Matey, surprised all of the Canadia engineers. It combined the best parts of the Nano Matey and the E-Matey into a single package, and then some.

The Hyper Matey carries probably far more weapons then it could hope to make use of in any given situation. The normal energy rifle and energy sabers are included. In addition, there's the wing-mounted missile pod, the shoulder-mounted energy cannon, and the shoulder-mounted anti-missile vulcans. For close range punch, the heavy gatling cannon and the rail gun are mounted under the arms, and there's the snub cannon stored in the right leg. In addition, there's the anti-ship sword stored in the left leg. In addition to the nano sword Yor could form before, the extra power given by the generator allowed for the formation of another powerful weapon. The nanites shaped themselves around the rail gun, forming a massive energy cannon Yor liked to call the "Mega Cannon". The damage output the Mega Cannon is capable of rivals the energy cannons on most battleships, and easially blows away most Mateys. The cannon is a massive drain on the reserves, though, and it takes a while for the generator to be able to recover enough to allow a second shot.

Because the Hyper Matey is a combination of both the Nanofighter and the E-Tank, both systems are active within the Hyper Matey's structure. The already tough reactive armour of the E-Tank is further reinforced by the nanite armour, and it's regenerative capabilities. The energy shield and anti-energy field also add in, making the Hyper Matey an even tougher unit then the E-Matey alone. The addition of the Nanofighter also allows the Hyper Matey to fly, though it cannot transform into Matey Jet mode. The Hyper Matey proved itself to be the most powerful Matey for a long time, and was an invaluable asset to the Canadia Army.