Hyperion, Knight of the Blazing Star

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[b]Hyperion, Knight of the Blazing Star[/b]

[b]Height:[/b] 5'4"
[b]Weight:[/b] That's a secret~

[b]Ability Data[/b]

[b]Shield of Stars:[/b] Hyperion's magical shield. When needed, Hyperion can also imbue the shield with magical energy, creating a field that stops attacks.
[b]Magical Illusion:[/b] Using her speed and magic, Hyperion can create illusions of herself to confuse and distract opponents.
[b]Heavenly Raiment:[/b] Hyperion's armor is much tougher then Altair's.
[b]Magical Recovery:[/b] Because of the connection with the guardian beast, Hyperion is able to regenerate her magical powers constantly.

[b]Weapon Data[/b]

[b]Magic Missiles:[/b] Hyperion can shoot multiple missiles of magical energy that home in on her foes.
[b]Binary Sword:[/b] Hyperion's powerful sword. It can also be seperated into 2 seperate, smaller blades.
[b]Magical Tornado:[/b] Hyperion whips up a tornado of magical energy to engulf her opponents.
[b]Dream Prominence:[/b] Powerful magical energy is channeled through Hyperion's swords, and then launched as either one powerful wave, or 2 smaller waves, toward her foes.
[b]Starfall:[/b] Calling upon the power of the guardian beast, Hyperion summons a meteorite shower to pelt her enemies.
[b]Blazing Star:[/b] Hyperion's ultimate attack. Using an immense amount of magical energy, she summons a large ball of white fire, and drops it on her enemy.
[b]Trooper Squad Triple Attack:[/b] A combination attack between Hyper Captain Huckebein, Hyperion, and Cyber Buster Cyfis. Hyperion starts off by trapping the enemies in a large magic tornado, followed by Cyber Buster Cyfis using Cyfis Speed to slash at the trapped foes. Hyper Captain Huckebein then finishes off by shooting them with the Captain Cannon.

[b]Technical and Historical Notes[/b]

When Altair calls upon Vega's power, she transforms into Hyperion. With the power of the guardian beast, Hyperion's power increases immensely, however that much magical energy is too much for her to handle without training. At first, Altair is only able to remain in Hyperion mode for only a few minutes, and she is not able to call upon the power consistently. However with additional training, she may be able to get to the point where she can call upon Vega's power at will, and remain as Hyperion nearly indefinately.
[color=red][i](What I'm looking for here is the transformation to Hyperion should be similar to the Command Mission Hyper Modes, and the number of turns increase as Hyperion gains evolution points)[/i][/color]