Knight Matey

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[b]MXM-CM-HD-K Knight Matey[/b]

[b]Armor Material:[/b] Reinforced matey-grade ablative armour
[b]Height:[/b] 18.2m
[b]Weight:[/b] 140.8 metric tons
[b]Pilot(s):[/b] Colin Vong
[b]Creator(s):[/b] Melarnic Galactic Merchant Exchange

[b]Ability Data[/b]

[b]Tower Shield:[/b] A large shield which can completely protect the Knight Matey from attack.
[b]Knight's Armour:[/b] The Knight Matey is very heavily protected from attack. However, because of this it is not as mobile.
[b]Solar Panels:[/b] High-capacity solar collectors mounted on racks that can fold into the Knight Matey's armour when not needed.
[b]Squires:[/b] The Knight Matey is accompanied by 3 "squire" Mateys, which are controlled by the Knight Matey's C3 systems. They support the Knight Matey, extending it's offensive and defensive capabilities.
[b]Microwave Transmitter:[/b] Since the Squires don't have full engines installed, the Knight Matey beams energy to them using microwave transmitters. The energy is collected through the solar panels.

[b]Weapon Data[/b]

[b]80mm CIWS:[/b] Shoulder mounted vulcans for anti-personnel and anti-missile use.
[b]Knight's Sword:[/b] A longsword. The Knight Matey's primary close combat weapon.
[b]Knight's Lance:[/b] A powerful lance, handy when Knight Matey protects itself with it's shield. The head of the lance can also be fired off at distant targets, and retrieved via an attached chain.

[b]Technical and Historical Notes[/b]

Build alongside the Blaster Matey, the Knight Matey was designed to test the feasibility of having remotely operated Mateys, controlled by a command unit. Patterned after an olden days knight and his squires, the Knight Matey made an imposing figure on the battlefield. Because the Squires were designed to provide most of the Knight Matey's offense, it's armour was made considerably thick and sturdy, to keep the command unit well protected. When the prototypes were completed, the project was canceled for some unknown reason, and the Knight Matey was sealed away.

Many years later, a MRC cell under the control of Colin Vong discovered the Knight Matey and it's Squires. Colin claimed the Knight Matey for his own, and later took it into operations against the 51st Combined Arms Regiment. It was eventually destroyed by the R-Matey, killing Colin Vong.