Lancer Lion

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[b]Lancer Lion[/b]

[b]Height:[/b] 3'1"
[b]Weight:[/b] 410 lbs

[b]Ability Data[/b]

[b]Shield:[/b] Lancer Lion carries a shield to help protect against attack.

[b]Weapon Data[/b]

[b]Missiles:[/b] Homing missiles.
[b]Lance:[/b] Lancer Lion's signature weapon, a long lance that also contains a Lio Crusader Rail Gun inside it.
[b]Rail Gun:[/b] A regular Lio Crusader Rail Gun, held within the lance.
[b]Dashing Charge:[/b] Lancer Lion's signature attack. He gathers up his strength, then charges his enemy at full strength, impaling them.
[b]Final Deadly Screaming Catastrophe:[/b] Trying to find a way to stop the Troopers, Lancer Lion, Gunner Guarlion, and Bomber Barrelion come up with a combination move. The move involves them posing dramatically while things explode.

[b]Technical and Historical Notes[/b]

Lancer Lion is one of the Dark Crusaders' sub commanders, under Commander Huckebein. Not originally a commander type Mobile Citizen, Lancer earned the right through his battle skill. His specialty is melee attacks, focusing on the oversized lance he had specially made for him.

Unlike Lio Crusaders, Lancer Lion has legs. He still has the hover thrusters, however.