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* [[/VGB-10|VGB-10 Thunderhog]]
* [[/VGB-10|VGB-10 Thunderhog]]
* [[/VGT-1|VGT-1 Tomahawk]]
* [[/VGT-1|VGT-1 Centurion]]
* [[/VGI-3|VGI-3 Striker]]
* [[/VGI-3|VGI-3 Striker]]

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[b]Series Name:[/b] Super Dimension Fortress Macross Centris

[b]Series Info:[/b] SimChamber Original Series

[b]Description:[/b] In 2009, the Earth was invaded by an alien force using a portal that opened up over Antartica. The United Nations established a defence force to counter the threat and push the attack back through the portal to their homeworld. After 3 years, this defence force now fights the JAM, as the aliens are referred to, on their home turf. Using technology scavenged from the wrecks of the JAM attack craft, the Fairy Air Force (FAF) produced their own line of transformable fighter craft capable of fighting the JAM on even footing on their homeworld of Fairy, where regular jet fighters have troubles operating.

The story focuses on Second Lieutenant Rei Fukai, a pilot of the Special Air Force (SAF) division of the FAF, and the AI of his experimental aircraft, "Yukikaze".

[b]Series Name:[/b] Super Dimension Fortress Macross Centris: Unbroken Arrow

[b]Series Info:[/b] SimChamber Original Series

[b]Description:[/b] The war on Fairy involved more then just aerial dogfights. The FAF also supported the ground troops with specialized transformable craft. The story of Unbroken Arrow focuses on the operations of the Ground Attack Force (GAF) division of the FAF, and a few of their operations before the escape from Fairy.

Aircraft of the FAF

Transformable Craft of the GAF

Aircraft of the JAM

Episode Synopses