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[b]VGI-1 Stryker[/b]

[b]Technical Data[/b]

[b]Accommodation:[/b] One
[b]Height (Battroid Mode):[/b] 11.6 meters
[b]Length (Tank Mode):[/b] 6.98 meters
[b]Weight:[/b] ~16.95 tonnes

[b]Ability Data[/b]

[b]Tank Mode:[/b] The Stryker's standard mode. While not as tough as the Centurion, it is much more mobile and it's lighter weight allows for the Striker to better navigate rough terrain using it's hover jets.
[b]Battroid Mode:[/b] The Stryker's main combat mode. Not as tough as Tank form, but capable of making better use of terrain, and the only form that can use certain weapons.
[b]Gerwalk Mode:[/b] An alternate form which gives a balance between defense and combat.
[b]Tomahawk Remote Weapon System:[/b] When the terrain is too rough or the location is too small for the Stryker to follow the ground troops, the pilot can send in a Tomahawk RWS to continue providing direct support. The Tomahawks can be given various mission loadouts, chosen when released from the Stryker.
[b]Mission Loadout:[/b] In order to best support the ground troops, Strykers can have their turret section equipped with different modules.
[b]Engineer Module:[/b] When using the Field Engineer module, the Stryker is equipped with a number of field tools to assist with constructing or clearing obstacles. These include: fold-out dozer for mine-clearing or ground leveling/filling, heavy chainsaws for tree-clearing, field repair systems for patching up damaged equipment, and an expedient bridge-layer. The module is much larger then the others, however, and actually drapes over the Stryker a bit. While this [i]technically[/i] puts more metal between it and enemy fire, it's not meant to be armour by any stretch of the imagination. The extra weight also greatly reduces the Stryker's mobility.
[b]Shield:[/b] When in Battroid mode, the Stryker can unfold a small shield stored within a compartment on the left arm.

[b]Weapon Data[/b]

[b]Assault Bayonet:[/b] A small blade that folds out from under the 30mm Gatling Guncannon. Used for close-quarters combat with JAM forces. While technically usable in Tank and Gerwalk modes, it is generally impracticable to try to use the blade in anything other then Battroid mode.
[b]Heavy Mortars:[/b] Mounted on the frame of the Stryker in Gerwalk and Tank mode, and on the Stryker's hips in Battroid mode, the heavy mortars provide indirect fire support to advancing troops with either HE, smoke, or illumination shells.
[b].50 Caliber Anti-Personnel Machine Gun:[/b] A powerful anti-personnel machine gun, mounted on the Stryker's turret in Tank and Gerwalk mode. It is not usable in Battroid mode, however.
[b]30mm Gatling Guncannon:[/b] The Stryker's main combat weapon. Chassis mounted in Tank and Gerwalk mode, and hand-carried in Battroid mode, the Gatling Guncannon is a rapid-fire weapon capable of shredding most JAM. While each individual shell is not as powerful as the Centurion's Smoothbore Guncannon, the increased rate of fire makes up for it when used against lighter targets. The smaller caliber shells are not as effective against armored targets, however.
[b]Demolition Missile Launcher:[/b] When using the MOW Under Armor module, the Stryker is equipped with a pair of demolition missile launchers, which are highly effective against fortified positions, destroying cover or enemy structures in advance of the ground forces. When in Tank and Gerwalk mode, the launchers are paired together on the turret. In Battroid mode, the launchers stick out over the shoulders.
[b]105mm Smoothbore Guncannon:[/b] When using the Mobile Gun System module, the Stryker is equipped with a lighter version of the Guncannon used by the Centurion in order to provide mobile direct fire support. However, due to the Stryker's lighter frame, the Guncannon can only be used effectively in Tank mode, even though it sticks out over the Stryker's shoulder when in Gerwalk or Battroid mode.

[b]Technical and Historical Notes[/b]

While the Centurion was designed to be a main battle unit, it's weapon complement is not appropriate to support the ground troops directly. To better provide firepower for the soldiers, the FAF developed a line of lighter Variable Tanks, using smaller weapons or equipment, able to travel with (or even carry) soldiers into the battlefield, wherever or whatever it is. The Stryker is the third model in this line, and was built around a modifiable turret block which allows for the local commander to provide various types of fire support, from fast direct fire capability where a Centurion may not be able to travel to mobile engineering capabilities.