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[b]VGT-1 Tomahawk[/b]

[b]Technical Data[/b]

[b]Accommodation:[/b] One
[b]Height (Battroid Mode):[/b] 15.1 meters
[b]Length (Tank Mode):[/b] 9.77 meters
[b]Weight:[/b] ~61.3 tonnes

[b]Ability Data[/b]

[b]Tank Mode:[/b] The Tomahawk's standard mode. An exceptionally tough form, driving on powerful hover-jets, capable of shrugging away most attacks. However, it is much slower then Battroid mode, but not any less agile due to the hover-jets.
[b]Battroid Mode:[/b] The Tomahawk's main combat mode. Not as tough as Tank form, but capable of making better use of terrain, and the only form that can use certain weapons.
[b]Gerwalk Mode:[/b] An alternate form which gives a balance between defense and combat.
[b]Hardened Structure:[/b] The Tomahawk is a main battle tank, and as such is designed to withstand severe punishment.
[b]Pinpoint Barrier:[/b] To help protect the Tomahawk, it is equipped with a prototype "pinpoint barrier" system. This system is comprised of a number of small emitters around the frame that focus a powerful field of energy at one location at a time. The system cannot provide all-around protection due to the energy drain, however.
[b]Shield:[/b] When in Battroid mode, the Tomahawk can unfold a shield from it's 120mm Smoothbore Guncannon.

[b]Weapon Data[/b]

[b]Assault Bayonet:[/b] A small blade that folds out from under the 120mm Smoothbore Guncannon. Used for close-quarters combat with JAM forces. While technically usable in Tank and Gerwalk modes, it is generally impracticable to try to use the blade in anything other then Battroid mode.
[b].50 Caliber Anti-Personnel Machine Gun:[/b] A powerful anti-personnel machine gun, mounted on the Tomahawk's turret in Tank and Gerwalk mode. It is not usable in Battroid mode, however.
[b]Heavy Assault Missiles:[/b] Powerful secondary missile launchers mounted to the sides of the Tomahawk's turret in Tank and Gerwalk mode, and on the Tomahawk's shoulders in Battroid mode. The missiles are much larger then the typical missile used by the FAF, and are meant to demolish structures (and anything else that happens to be in the way).
[b]120mm Smoothbore Guncannon:[/b] The Tomahawk's main combat weapon. Turret mounted in Tank and Gerwalk mode, and hand-carried in Battroid mode, the Smoothbore Guncannon is a powerful weapon. The 120mm shells it fires is brutally powerful against JAM and structures alike, however it is not capable of rapid fire. Not that it generally needs to.
[b]120mm Smoothbore Guncannon [Reaction Shells]:[/b] When facing the heaviest of enemy forces or the toughest of enemy entrenchments, the Tomahawk can load it's 120mm Smoothbore Guncannon with special shells that have a small Reaction warhead in them. While not as powerful as the full Reaction Bomb capable of begin carried by FAF fighters, a Tomahawk can generally carry more of them, and they deal less damage to the surrounding terrain.

[b]Technical and Historical Notes[/b]

The FAF uses more then just aircraft in order to support the ground troops. Manufactured to provide direct armor and firepower for attacking infantry, the VGT-1 Tomahawk was the first and best Variable Tank produced by the FAF. They were produced in great numbers, and fought in every major ground battle on Fairy.