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MBR-XTF-51(L) Matey Cannon

General and Technical Data

Model Number: MBR-XTF-51(L)
Name: Matey Cannon
Unit Type: Prototype long-range assault Matey
Manufacturer: Unknown
Operator: Canadia Army
Accommodation: Pilot only
Dimensions: Head height, 15.1m
Weight: 54.3 metric tons
Construction: Matey-grade ablative armour on movable frame; reinforced by equipped mission pack
Powerplant: Ultra-compact fusion reactor, rated at 2980 kW
Equipment: Sensors, range unknown; hardpoints for mounting mission packs, advanced aquisation and targeting systems
Fixed Armaments: 2 x 60mm CIWS vulcans, shoulder-mounted; 1 x energy saber, stored in the left hip, hand-carried in use
Optional Armaments: 1 x shield; 1 x variable power energy cannon; 1 x heavy gatling cannon, back-mounted, fits over left arm when in use; 2 x 16-tube heavy missile launchers, shoulder-mounted

Technical and Historical Notes

The Matey Cannon pack was the first pack that the Canadia Army managed to repair. As the name may suggest, the pack was meant to provide heavy long-range firepower support to the R-Matey. Yor made good use of the ranged capability during a siege on an Alliance base, where he was able to accurately pinpoint and destroy fixed weapon platforms ahead of the advancing Canadia troops, well out of their firing range.

The (L) pack mostly replaces the R-Matey's weapon complement, focusing it on ranged combat. The vulcans and saber remain for close-range defence, but the energy rifle was replaced by a reactor-fed variable power energy cannon, called the VSEC, which can shoot anything from a small shot to a large blast capable of taking out many enemy Mateys at once, but drains the battery reserves greatly. The pack covers up the missile launchers, so instead it offers a dual set of heavy missile launchers, used for taking out enemy bunkers at long range. In addition, a large heavy gatling cannon is mounted on the back, and moves forward to cover the left arm when in use. The gatling cannon has a large ammo reserve, and is devistating against lightly armoured targets.

In addition to these, the (L) pack also provided advanced targeting systems, which allow Yor to accurately target and engage enemies at extreme ranges, and even in close combat enemies find themselves having a hard time avoiding the highly accurate shots the Matey Cannon fires. The pack is also heavily armoured, but not nearly as much as the MBR-XTF-51(D) Matey Defender. But because of this, the Matey Cannon cannot transform to fighter mode. It is also slightly slower then the base R-Matey, but not slow enough to matter. The pack also can be purged if the situation requires it, reverting the Matey Cannon back to the R-Matey.