Mobile Infantry Patlabor

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[b]Series Official Name:[/b] Mobile Infantry Patlabor
[b]Series Info:[/b] 7 episode OAV series
[b]Series Description:[/b] With the rapid development of hyper technology came the Labor. A multi-purpose humanoid machine whose use spread into almost every field. However, this gave rise to a new threat to society: Labor warfare. The Japanese Self Defense Force founded the Special Vehicles Section 2 to combat this ever growing threat. This was the beginning of the SV2 Patrol Labor, Patlabor, units.

Taking a large step away from the roots of the series, Mobile Infantry Patlabor places the familiar Patlabor characters into a more military setting, with everyone being soldiers in the JSDF instead of being policemen. Even though the production quality of the OAV was the highest of any Patlabor series (other then the movies), this change was not well accepted by Patlabor fans and so it eventually flopped.

Episode Summaries

[b]Episode 1: Second Unit, Move Out![/b]

[b]Episode 2: Kanuka Has Come[/b]

[b]Episode 3: Runaway Labor X-10[/b]

[b]Episode 5: The SV2's Longest Day, Part 1[/b]

[b]Episode 6: The SV2's Longest Day, Part 2[/b]

[b]Episode 7: Griffon was Here![/b]

[b]Episode 8: Griffon Down[/b]


Japanese Self Defense Force

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

  • XR-99 Ivan
  • HAL X-10

US Assault Labor Division