Mobile Suit Assault Container 'Epidendrum'

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[b]Mobile Suit Assault Container 'Epidendrum'[/b]

[b]Armor Material:[/b] Alloy Ceramic Composite, Lunar Titanium Alloy
[b]Dimensions:[/b] Overall Height: 32.6m, Overall Width: 59.2m, Overall Length (maximum equipment): 144m, Overall Length (base unit): 63.9m
[b]Weight:[/b] Empty: 283.5 tonnes
[b]Pilot(s):[/b] None; controlled by a docked Mobile Suit
[b]Creator(s):[/b] Professor Alex Madnug

[b]Ability Data[/b]

[b]Modular Construction:[/b] The Epidendrum is highly modular, allowing for it to be equipped for anything from base patrolling to Area Dominance Tactics. The "cockpit" is also modular, allowing for various modern mobile suits to pilot it, as well as the potential for future mobile suits. The unit was originally tested using GM Quails, but anything that uses the same frame and connection types should have no problems using the assault container. Any other might require specially made connectors, until the unit has finished going through the trial program.
[b]Minovsky Drive:[/b] The main propulsion system of the Epidendrum is a pair of battleship-scale minovsky drives, allowing it the ability to not only operate in space, but also in atmosphere. The drives can also scatter excess minovsky particles to disrupt enemy electronics.
[b]I-Field:[/b] The Epidendrum is equipped with a prototype miniaturized I-Field generator, making it the smallest craft to be able to operate one. Previously thought impossible, Prof Madnug managed to piece together the pieces of the technology he saw back during Operation Stardust to be able to recreate this projector.
[b]Weapon Racks:[/b] The Epidendrum has a few boxes that allow the mounted mobile suit to store their normal equipment, and have easy access to them when necessary.

[b]Weapon Data[/b]

Note: Unless otherwise stated, all weapons are part of mission modules that would be equipped onto the Epidendrum as required. However each module actually goes into a specific location on the Epidendrum, so it's less Hardpoints and more... "Do I need to take these on this mission?". Which will always be "Yes" in the SC.

[b]Micromissile Pods:[/b] Pods that mount a large number of smaller missiles designed to defeat anti-missile systems by overloading them with targets.
[b]120mm Heavy Chaingun:[/b] A monstrous chaingun mounted in one of the Epidendrum's weapon containers.
[b]Mega Beam Saber:[/b] Mounted on the underside of the Epidendrum is a very large beam saber emitter on a mobile mount, intended to slice enemy battleships in half. Though it's just as effective against anything else. This emitter is always installed, no matter the mission.
[b]Hyper Bazooka:[/b] A pair of bazookas are always stored in a special container on the Epidendrum as backup weapons, no matter the mission.
[b]Scattering Beam Cannons:[/b] Cannons that shoot large spreads of smaller beams that are meant to cover a larger area more then heavily damaging one specific thing, as beams are generally a sure kill if they hit.
[b]Cluster Rocket Pods:[/b] Pods that, when launched from the Epidendrum, begin spewing countless rockets in every direction indiscriminately, looking to deal the most possible damage to a clustered enemy formation.
[b]Mega Beam Cannon:[/b] A very large beam cannon based on a Salamis-class cruiser. It features additional boosters and a beam focuser to allow it to hit at a much further range, allowing the Epidendrum to "snipe", so to speak, enemy ships at extreme distances as it advances on them at high speed. When installed, the Mega Beam Cannon is mounted on the right hand side, and has a control interface so that the mobile suit piloting the Epidendrum shoots it like a rifle.

[b]Technical and Historical Notes[/b]

Though bound to a secrecy act, Professor Madnug of the Earth Federation Experimental Trials Unit could never get his mind off of the technology involved in Operation Stardust. Quietly working on it in the years to follow, he eventually proposed a plan to the ETU for a new style of mobile suit transport. It's not always practicable to be using a carrier ship to move mobile suits, and the flying platforms currently in use (such as the Spacejobber and the Basejobber) do not allow for much in the way of heavy weapons and are too easy to destroy. The 'Epidendrum' Assault Container is designed to overcome both of these deficiencies by providing a heavily armed platform for mobile suits to use while patrolling, or to make assaults on enemy fleets, depending on the equipment installed. With approval from the ETU, the Titans Division was given the go-ahead to have a number of these units produced for testing and evaluation.