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MBR-XTF-51(N) Nano Matey

General and Technical Data

Model Number: MBR-XTF-51(N)
Name: Nano Matey
Unit Type: Prototype combination general use Matey
Manufacturer: Unknown
Operator: Canadia Army
Accommodation: Pilot only
Dimensions: Head height, 14.6m
Weight: 42.6 metric tons
Construction: Matey-grade ablative armour on movable frame, covered by nanite-based armour
Powerplant: Ultra-compact fusion reactor, rating unknown
Equipment: Sensors, range unknown; nanomachine based self-repair system
Fixed Armaments: 3 x 60mm CIWS vulcans, 2 shoulder-mounted, 1 back-mounted; 1 x energy saber, stored in the left hip, hand-carried in use; 4 x 12 pod missile tubes, 2 back-mounted, 2 wing-mounted; 1 x energy cannon, shoulder-mounted
Optional Armaments: 1 x shield; 1 x high-powered energy rifle, rating unknown

Technical and Historical Notes

The Nanofighter proved very effective as support for the R-Matey, but no one could have guessed how far the support could go until a stray shot shorted out the Nanofighter's controls, sending it spirling into the R-Matey. Instead of destroying it, as was expected, the nanomachines actually "melted" on impact, reshaping the Nanofighter around the R-Matey. The nanomachines integrated themselves with the R-Matey's systems, providing an amazing boost in power and capabilities.

For the most part, the weapon selection of what was dubbed the "Nano Matey" is just a combination of the R-Matey and the Nanofighter. However, because of the direct infusion of nanites to the R-Matey's systems, the efficiency of the weapons increased dramatically, raising the damage capability. The energy cannon on the Nanofighter got shifted over a bit so that it now rests on the right shoulder. The vulcan on the Nanofighter remained where it was, however, and is now mounted on the back of the Nano Matey. The wing-mounted missile pods are still in place, but can fire themselves in an arcing pattern, in a saturation bombing attack. In additon, the nanites could be formed around the energy saber, making a blade of incredible sharpness.

With the nanite system internal to the Nano Matey, combat damage was easially accessable and repairs were made automatically. In addition, the nanite frame was able to reshape itself somewhat, which still allowed Yor to transform into Matey Jet mode. The optimizations allowed for an incredible boost in speed and agility, not only in Matey Jet mode, but also in Matey mode. Reactor and armour optimizations allowed the R-Matey to survive longer in combat then before, as well. Overall, the Nano Matey completly shocked the Canadia engineers, and prompted them to start work on expanding this newfound capability.