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Event Descriptions

Unlike the normal missions, Events are regular or semi-regular missions that have more of an impact on the game world itself. Participation in Events will also reward players with more PP and Credits, as well as chances for unique mecha or licenses.

Event List

"Where It All Began"

A temporal portal has opened over Fantasia's capital, bringing anyone who enters it back to the beginning of the war over the planet. Players who enter this event will have to choose one of the 3 warring factions and try to destroy all the other units within the time limit. The winning faction is considered to have the strongest position on Fantasia, which will influence events in the modern day.

This event is run regularly at the beginning of every "season" (4 months? 6 months? 12 months?). Players who participate, win or lose, will be able to claim a unique mech designed specifically for the faction they fought for (TBD; should be a fairly low-level grunt as this event is intended for low-level pilots).