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People of Fantasia

Devon Gurdel

The current elected president of Fantasia, currently held in detention by the Galactic Empire of Grenovia in an undisclosed location.

President Gurdel was elected 3 Fantasian years ago on a platform of increasing the Fantasian space program, intending to explore more of the local solar system, as well as the mysterious orbital ring that circles their planet. It turned out to be a close campaign, and there is still a large religious segment of the population that objects to technological advancement outside of the planetary sphere, as they fear that the orbital ring was placed there to keep them on the planet, and will punish them should they try to leave. A very charasmatic person, President Gurdel managed to convince the religious leaders to allow them to at least try, however progress was stalled due to attacks by religious fanatics.

He was kidnapped during the initial invasion, and was meant to be held as ransom, however as of now no demands have been made. Any inquiry as to his status to the Grenovian commanders is met with denial; it is not currently known whether they simply do not want to let it be known yet, or they DON'T currently know where he is, and he is currently held by a Grenovian splinter cell.