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The Campaign of New Jagged Universe takes place on the world of Fantasia, in a remote solar system seemingly in the middle of nowhere. However, it's location actually marks it as a key point in a war between 3 galactic empires, who are all now vying for absolute control of the planet and it's resources.

Terrain and Climate

Fantasia is a planet fairly similar to Earth, though older so the mountain regions are typically more worn down.


Fantasia is comprised of 3 main continents, and a large number of smaller islands. Each continent is held by one of the 3 factions. Who holds what is based on how they fared in the season opener event; the overall winner takes Illumus, second takes Miith, and third takes Dremar.


The northernmost continent of Fantasia, Illumus is the least populated of the continents. It has mostly mountainous terrain, and is usually much colder then the rest of the planet. Winters in Illumus are often brutal, and the natives have learned to adapt to the climate.

Illumus is, however, the location of Optakal, home to the centralized government of Fantasia, which is why it was the first place captured by the Grenovians. The faction that currently holds Illumus is able to better exert their will over the planet. Reputation gain from missions for this faction is increased by 25%.


The easternmost continent of Fantasia, Dremar is a lush paradise that runs the majority of the farming and food production of the planet. Most of the continent is made up of farmland or food processing plants.

The faction that currently holds Dremar has control over the food production, and thus has considerable financial control over the planet. All credit rewards for missions from this faction are increased by 25%.


The westernmost continent of Fantasia, Miith is a dismal place, covered in thick smog. The manufacturing capital of Fantasia, pretty much anything that can be made is made in the factories here. Most of the workers must wear all manner of protective clothing in order to protect themselves from the harmful clouds of pollution.

The faction that currently holds Miith can use their extensive manufacturing plants to make units and equipment without needing the resources of a Mother Duplicator. The cost to purchase units that belong to the faction that holds Miith is reduced by 25%.


The Fantasians are a mostly peaceful race, who never had any reason for self-defence. They operate under a unified planetary government, and split the necessities of daily life to the continents that are best equipped to handle them.

However, their new masters don't see them as people, and many Fantasians are chaffing under the oppression. It doesn't seem like long until things boil over and a rebellion begins.


The Fantasians don't have much technology of their own, however they are capable of rudimentary flight without the use of fossil fuels. They regularly and safely travel quickly between the continents, transporting food and services to all corners of the planet.

However the empires that have come to their planet have brought much with them.

The key piece of technology is the Mother Duplicator system, which allows the users to make perfect copies of anything the Duplicator is given details on, from kitchen implements to giant robots. Of course, these machines are mostly used to build the empires' armies. A number of these machines are scattered in each empire's territory on Fantasia, churning out the war machines required for the campaigns here and elsewhere in the galaxy.

Orbital Ring

A large series of orbital rings circlue the planet of Fantasia, however no one knows what they're for. They're obviously too far beyond the people of the planet, who also know nothing about their existence, let alone purpose. Any attempt to attack or board the rings is met with lethal force, however the weapons only react to incursions. The ring system has not directly attacked any of the forces vying for Fantasia... yet.