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MBR-XTF-51 R-Matey

General and Technical Data

Model Number: MBR-XTF-51
Name: R-Matey
Unit Type: Prototype transformable general use multi-mode Matey
Manufacturer: Unknown
Operator: Canadia Army
Accommodation: Pilot only
Dimensions: Head height, 14.6m
Weight: 42.6 metric tons
Construction: Matey-grade ablative armour on movable frame
Powerplant: Ultra-compact fusion reactor, rated at 2980 kW
Equipment: Sensors, range unknown; hardpoints for mounting mission packs
Fixed Armaments: 2 x 60mm CIWS vulcans, shoulder-mounted; 1 x energy saber, stored in the left hip, hand-carried in use; 2 x 12 pod missile tubes, back-mounted
Optional Armaments: 1 x shield; 1 x high-powered energy rifle, rating unknown

Technical and Historical Notes

The R-Matey project was meant to usher in a new era of Matey design. Back when it was made. Strangely, though, right after the prototype and it's initial set of mission packs were developed, the project was scrapped. Not wanting to just throw all their hard work away, though, the project team just buried the R-Matey and all relevant data until a time came when it could be reactivated.

Fast forward 30 years, and a small detachment from the Canadia Army manage to stumble upon the hidden unit while on a routine patrol. Intregued by the design, they transport the unit and equipment back to their base for analysis. But before they could get very far, the detatchment was attacked by a force claiming to be the rightful owners of the R-Matey. Not wanting to give such a find up, Yor Dlanor, a young Matey pilot, commendeered the unit and successfully managed to drive off the attackers. After returning to base, Yor was officially designated the pilot of the R-Matey for his actions, and piloted it with distinction during the course of the war.

The R-Matey has a number of distinguishing design features. While the structure is mostly of the same design as Mateys back when the R-Matey was built, the armour was decades ahead. The armour was made using a set of ablative anti-impact plates covering a layer of anti-energy armour, providing excellent protection against weapons of the era, and then some. The frame was also built in a way that the R-Matey could transform into a plane, which was later dubbed the "Matey Jet". The frame also had a number of hardpoints which allowed it to equip mission packs to allow it to operate in a larger number of operations then most Mateys can. When the R-Matey was uncovered, only 3 packs were found with it, though more could be developed later.

Most of the R-Matey's deployment gear is common for Mateys of the era it was built in. A set of 60mm vulcans were mounted on the shoulders to provide anti-missile and anti-infantry defences, a single energy saber was mounted under the left hip plate for close-combat, and a high-power energy rifle was hand-mounted for ranged engagements. When in Matey Jet mode, the R-Matey retains the vulcans and rifle, and also gains a set of missile pods which are mounted in the back, and pop out when firing, to protect them from damage which may detonate the stored missiles.

Even though it was 30 years old when it was finally rolled out, the R-Matey was still on par with Mateys which were just recently developed. Why the project was cancelled will forever be a mystery, but if this unit was rolled out back then, it would have changed the balance of power for sure.