Rider Zeta

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[b]Rider Zeta[/b]

[b]Height:[/b] 5'6"
[b]Weight:[/b] 350 lbs

[b]Ability Data[/b]

[b]GN Condensers:[/b] The Mobile Citizens of Veda are strengthened by GN Particles in the air, and are able to absorb them to recover their energy.
[b]Trans-Am:[/b] The more experience a Veda Mobile Citizen gets, the more they are able to condense the GN Particles around them, increasing the power and number of their attacks. Eventually, they can compress the GN Particles to such a point that their Mobile Citizen transformation evolves into a more powerful form. This form consumes an enormous amount of GN Particles, which limits how long the Mobile Citizen can stay in that form. When Rider Zeta reached this stage, he transformed into Hyper Zeta.
[b]GN Wings:[/b] Rider Zeta is able to form wings of GN Particles, allowing it to fly over the battlefield.

[b]Weapon Data[/b]

[b]GN Melee:[/b] Not only can Rider Zeta perform normal melee moves, but he can also charge her attacks with small amounts of GN Particles for added kick.
[b]GN Saber:[/b] A fairly typical sword made out of GN Particles
[b]GN Grenades:[/b] Small grenades made of GN Particles that are launched from Rider Zeta's right wrist.
[b]Mega GN Rifle:[/b] A powerful rifle that fires beams of GN Particles.
[b]Mega GN Blade:[/b] The alternate mode of the Mega GN Rifle; capable of forming a very large blade of GN Particles.

[b]Technical and Historical Notes[/b]

Rider Zeta is driven by rage, willing to charge into enemy positions headfirst in order to get at his enemies. He rarely thinks his plans through; at least, not any further then where his target is at the moment. While his rage has given Zeta great natural strength over the other Mobile Citizens of Celestial Being, he has very little control over it, often causing waves of unstable GN Particles to crash over the area. This also caused him to become the last of the Celestial Being Mobile Citizens to achieve Trans-Am, as it requires control as well as power in order to achieve the level of particle compression required.