Shield Matey

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[b]MXM-DM-D-S Shield Matey[/b]

[b]Armor Material:[/b] Matey-grade ablative armour
[b]Height:[/b] 13.2m
[b]Weight:[/b] 45.3 metric tons
[b]Pilot(s):[/b] None
[b]Creator(s):[/b] Melarnic Galactic Merchant Exchange

[b]Ability Data[/b]

[b]Squire Shield:[/b] Shield Matey is equipped with a large, sturdy shield that has an anti-energy coating on it, to help negate any energy attacks that manage to get through the Anti-Energy Field.
[b]Energy Shield:[/b] Should, for any reason, the Anti-Energy Field not be active, the Shield Matey is equipped with a few prototype energy shield emitters for additional defense.
[b]Microwave Receiver:[/b] Since the Squires don't have full engines installed, the Knight Matey beams energy to them using microwave transmitters.
[b]Large Scale Anti-Energy Field:[/b] Similar to the one found on Matey Defender, however it is much more powerful. Able to quickly cover a large area with an Anti-Energy Field, the Shield Matey effectively protects Knight Matey and the Squires from energy attacks, though it also prevents them from using energy weapons themselves.

[b]Weapon Data[/b]

[b]60mm CIWS:[/b] Shoulder mounted vulcans for anti-personnel and anti-missile use.
[b]Squire's Sword:[/b] A shortsword sheathed on the Sword Matey's hip.
[b]Squire Lance:[/b] A long lance, used to attack foes while the Shield Matey protects itself with it's shield.
[b]Shield Driver:[/b] A powerful pile driver and grapling claws mounted in the Squire Shield. The claws hold the target in place while the pile driver impales it, causing massive damage. The pile driver can also be used to brace the shield against the ground, helping the Shield Matey hold back tougher attacks.

[b]Technical and Historical Notes[/b]

One of the Knight Matey's Squire drones, designed for defense. While not as well armed as the other Squires, it was the Shield Matey's job to keep them protected. The main form of protection comes from the powerful Anti-Energy Field generator mounted on the Shield Matey. Unlike the one on Matey Defender, the one on Shield Matey is capable of quickly spreading the anti-energy particles over a wide area, thus protecting the Shield Matey's allies from energy attacks.

The Shield Matey is also equipped with a large shield, which it uses to protect the other Squires from more conventional weapons, though the shield is also treated with a strong anti-energy coating.