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The Multiverse. A set of possible universes like ours, but not quite the same. Different choices, different events, infinite possible "what-if" scenerios. This is a tale of one of them.

Dr. Kabuto and Dr. Saotome were researchers at the International Research Center. In order to overcome a roadblock in his research, Dr. Kabuto approached Dr. Saotome for his assistance. Kabuto, working on producing stronger alloy materials that are still flexible when not required, asked for Saotome's expertise in electrical systems. He theorized that if he could produce an alloy that hardened when a charge was run across it, then he would have the alloy he desired.

Getter Energy is produced by running a simple electrical charge through a sheet of Japanium, resulting in a massive multiplication in effective energy, something considered to be completly impossible. This energy is hard to control, so it is usually produced and then released. If necessary, some of the energy can be "siphoned" off of the resulting blast and converted back into regular electricity and stored for later use.

The Japo-Get Drive works on this principle. Since Getter Energy is too hard to control, the Drive consists of a number of high-capacity batteries that store the workable energy. Once the batteries start to get low, the Drive runs a portion of it through a sheet of Japanium contained in an energy absorbing housing. The amount used is negligable, however keeping the system stable while the massive influx of Getter Energy is trapped and converted uses a large amount of stored power: As a general rule, most Japo-Get Drives are programmed to recharge at 25% capacity, though usually only 10% capacity is required to keep all systems stable. Because all available energy is being used to keep the raging Getter Energy under check, the device being powered by the Japo-Get Drive cannot function unless it is connected to an external power source.

Shift Chogokin Armor is a strong, sturdy material that is capable of withstanding large amounts of stress without breaking or buckling. However, when you apply a charge to the armor, it becomes capable of vibrating in such a way as to negate large amounts of impact force. The only downside is that the armour must have previously been struck by the object before it can "know" the frequencies required to negate the damage. Successive blows can increase the potency of the counter-frequency, though it can only go so far: After a certain point, the frequency cannot be refined any further. These vibrations are effective not only against physical attacks, but also against weapons based on Getter Energy.

After Saotome betrayed the IRC and stole the secrets to the Japo-Get Drive to use in his plans of world domination, Kabuto knew that he was the only one who could stop him, so he used his newest development, Shift Chogokin Armor, to build 2 robots to stop Saotome's Mecha Suits.