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[b]Arc Covenant[/b]

[b]Armor Material:[/b] Unknown self-regenerating materials
[b]Height:[/b] 23 meters
[b]Weight:[/b] 96 tons
[b]Pilot(s):[/b] Kevin Centura
[b]Creator(s):[/b] Unknown

[b]Ability Data[/b]

[b]Stats:[/b] The Saviour uses 3 stats to represent Arc Covenant's current status.
[list][*] [b]HP[/b] is the representation of Arc Covenant's health, and drops when it takes damage. If the HP bar empties completely, Arc Covenant is defeated and either the current mission is failed and must be retried, or Kevin is returned to the last safehouse he used.
[*] [b]EN[/b] is the representation of Arc Covenant's current Energy. Energy is used to perform special attacks, power special abilities, and reload weapon/shield uses.
[*] [b]Boost[/b] is used by Arc Covenant's special Boost ability, and only appears if Kevin has acquired the Boost talent. Using Boost consumes Boost power as long as it is active, and recharges when not in use.[/list]

[b]Self-Recovery:[/b] If the Arc Covenant takes damage, it can hide behind cover (or evade combat) to regenerate it's HP. It takes some time for the recovery to start, and it will be interrupted if Arc Covenant takes any damage. Arc Covenant's Energy and Boost bars slowly recover over time.
[b]Karma:[/b] The following is an excerpt from The Saviour's manual.

All of Kevin's actions have consequences in Central City. The most dramatic of these is the effect on Arc Covenant itself. Represented simply as "Karma", Arc Covenant itself changes as Kevin uses the powers given to him for good or for evil. Helping civilians, capturing Saints, and doing good actions all give Kevin Good Karma, while killing or threatening civilians, excessively destroying property, or doing evil actions give Kevin Evil Karma.

[Image of Good Arc Covenant here]

As Kevin gains Good Karma, Arc Covenant slowly changes to look more angelic, and begins to glow a soothing white. It's HP recovery also kicks in faster, and recovers quicker. And at higher Good Karma levels, Arc Covenant even has some slow health recovery even while being attacked.

[Image of Bad Arc Covenant here]

As Kevin gains Bad Karma, Arc Covenant slowly changes to look more demonic, and beings to glow a harsh red. It's EN recovery also improves significantly at higher Evil Karma levels, allowing it to use powers more often.

[b]Pilot Synergy:[/b] The following is an excerpt from The Saviour's manual.

The Arc Covenant is a learning machine, and as it gains experience with it's pilot, will adapt and learn new abilities to match it's pilot's skills. This is represented for Keven by 4 talent trees: Standard Weapons, Special Weapons, Agility, and Armor. Whenever Arc Covenant earns enough XP from defeating enemies, completing missions, or performing tricks to reach the next level, it gains one talent point to use on purchasing a new ability.

However, Kevin can't just choose any talent he wants in the trees. Each tree begins with a single starting talent that must be acquired before he is able to take other abilities in the tree. In addition, each tier of talents requires Kevin to spend 2 talent points on their current tier or any previous ones (not counting the starting talent) before he is able to go to the next tier. In addition, some talents have prerequisites which must be met before they can be purchased. This is represented by lines going from the required talent.

For example, if Kevin wanted to get the Grenade Launcher talent from the Standard Weapons tree, he must spend 2 talent points among Shotgun, Machinegun, and Dual Pistol. If Kevin wanted to get the Damage boost talent, he would need to spend 4 talent points across those talents as well as AP Ammo, Grenade Launcher, and Extra Ammo. As well, Kevin must get Extra Ammo, as it is the prerequisite for Damage Boost.


[b]Description of Talents[/b]

[b]Standard Weapons:[/b]

[b]Pistol:[/b] A fairly unremarkable pistol. Deals solid damage at a fairly good rate, though it is a little inaccurate at range. 20 rounds.
[b]Shotgun:[/b] A powerful close range weapon with a wide range of fire. However, it very quickly loses accuracy and damage over range. 8 rounds.
[b]Machine Gun:[/b] A rapid firing weapon that has a little more range then the pistol. 40 rounds.
[b]Dual Pistol:[/b] Arc Covenant now uses two pistols, doubling it's ammo and rate of fire.
[b]AP Ammo:[/b] Arc Covenant can now fire armour piercing ammo from it's shotgun. AP Ammo does not spread, and ignores enemy armor.
[b]Grenade Launcher:[/b] A powerful area effect weapon. The grenade fires in an arc and explodes on contact, which allows it to be fired over obstacles. 8 rounds.
[b]Extra Ammo:[/b] All of Arc Covenant's ammo-based weapons max ammo is increased by 25%. This does not affect the EN cost to reload the weapon.
[b]Bazooka:[/b] A very powerful but slow firing weapon. Arc Covenant cannot fire the bazooka while moving. 3 rounds.
[b]Missiles:[/b] A rapid-firing long range weapon that locks on to enemies and fires in an arcing path. Arc Covenant must be able to see the enemies to lock on to them, but once locked on he can fire from behind cover. 4 bursts of 4 missiles.
[b]Damage Boost:[/b] All of Arc Covenant's Standard Weapons deal 25% more damage.
[b]Sniper Rifle:[/b] A very long range weapon with a scope that allows Arc Covenant to accurately attack enemies from a distance. 8 rounds.
[b]Dual Launchers:[/b] Arc Covenant gains a second missile launcher.
[b]Beam Cannon:[/b] An EN-based weapon that Arc Covenant can charge up to deal more damage. At maximum charge, it fires a powerful wide-area beam capable of destroying many weaker enemies in front of it.
[b]Bullet Time:[/b] An activated special ability. When active, time seems to slow down for Arc Covenant, allowing it to better dodge attacks and hit enemies. Costs EN while active.

[b]Special Weapons:[/b]

[b]Sword:[/b] A large, but non-remarkable sword. Arc Covenant can use it to counter enemy melee attacks and projectiles if timed right.
[b]Rocket Punch:[/b] Arc Covenant launches a flying punch at an enemy.
[b]Twin Blade:[/b] Arc Covenant gains a second blade, doubling it's melee attack speed. It is unable to use a Shield when using this mode, however.
[b]Power Kick:[/b] Only usable when in the air. Arc Covenant charges energy in it's leg and comes down on an enemy in a powerful kick.
[b]Energy Blast:[/b] A slow firing but powerful shot of energy.
[b]Blazing Sword:[/b] Arc Covenant charges a sword with energy to deal dramatically more damage.
[b]Thunder Drop:[/b] Only usable while in the air. Arc Covenant charges energy in it's body and falls back to the ground, causing a huge shockwave around it based on the distance it fell.
[b]Focus Blast:[/b] An alternate fire mode for Energy Blast. Arc Covenant focuses the energy into a tighter beam, allowing it to bypass most defenses.
[b]Rapid Blast:[/b] An alternate fire mode for Energy Blast. Arc Covenant fires a rapid stream of weaker beams.
[b]Damage Boost:[/b] All of Arc Covenants Special Weapons deal 25% more damage.
[b]Enlarge Blast:[/b] An alternate fire mode for Energy Blast. Arc Covenant charges energy to fire a very powerful wide-range blast. Arc Covenant requires a moment to charge up before firing, however.
[b]Homing Laser:[/b] An alternate fire mode for Energy Blast. Arc Covenant locks on to up to 4 enemy units and fires a number of small beams of energy that home in on them. Homing Laser fires in an arc path, and Arc Covenant must be able to see the enemies to lock on to them, but once locked on he can fire from behind cover.
[b]Reduced Costs:[/b] All of Arc Covenant's Special Weapons cost 25% less EN.
[b]Overdrive:[/b] An activated special ability. When active, Arc Covenant's attacks are overcharged with energy, dealing more damage. As well, it takes less damage from enemy attacks. Costs EN while active.


[b]Boost:[/b] By spending Boost gauge, Arc Covenant can either do quick bursts of speed to dodge attacks, or to quickly move long distances. Boost can be used either on the ground or in the air.
[b]Boost Gauge+:[/b] Each rank of Boost Gauge+ taken increases the Boost Gauge by 25%.
[b]Thruster:[/b] Each rank of Thruster taken increases Arc Covenant's mobility and speed.
[b]Super Boost:[/b] When Arc Covenant uses Boost, he leaves behind holographic copies of himself which confuse enemies.


[b]Shield:[/b] By spending EN, Arc Covenant can create a powerful shield of energy around it's left arm. When Arc Covenant blocks, it uses the Shield to help deflect any attacks coming from the front.
[b]Health Gauge+:[/b] Each rank of Health Gauge+ taken increases Arc Covenant's HP by 25%.
[b]Improved Armor:[/b] Each rank of Improved Armor taken reduces damage Arc Covenant receives by 10%.
[b]Barrier:[/b] An activated special ability. When active, Arc Covenant gains increased protection against enemy attacks, however each hit received reduces EN.

[b]Weapon Data[/b]

[b]Melee:[/b] The only thing the Arc Covenant could do when first activated is basic melee combat, which is enough to defeat the basic Saint drones. It obtains more attacks as it spends levels in the evolution tree.

[b]Technical and Historical Notes[/b]

A relic of a long lost civilization worshiped by the Saints, it is unknown how it managed to find itself buried under Central City, where it was found by Kevin Centura as he was escaping the Saints' assault. Arc Covenant machine of immeasurable power, however centuries of neglect have sealed most of them away. Kevin must try to unlock the mysteries surrounding the Arc Covenant, and why the Saints are so desperate to get their hands on it.