Thunder Gear Sidestory: Snake Eater

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Though tensions between the US and Russia had eased in the year following the Red Dawn incident, not everyone was happy with the new world balance. The CIA received an offer from a Soviet scientist by the name of Nikolai Stephanovich Sokolov, who wished to defect to America. He informed the CIA that he was working on a secret project for a new type of nuclear weapon, even though the use of such devices have been banned in accordance to the peace treaty. The project was under the control of a GRU commander named Colonel Yevgeny Borisovitch Volgin, and was not being developed with knowledge of the Soviet government. The CIA, wanting to know what this project was, sent out their newly established special operations division, Force Operation X (aka FOX), to retrieve Sokolov. This would be their first operation, and would be known as the Virtuous Mission.

FOX sent their best operative, and one of the founding members of the unit, into the jungles of Tselinoyarsk, in the southeast Soviet Union. However, the extraction did not go as planned, as another founding member, and her old special ops unit, defected to Col Volgin's unit, handing over Sokolov and a set of Davy Crockett launchers and warheads. Volgin then used one of the launchers to frame the US for attacking Russia with nuclear weapons, in an attempt to force the superpowers to go back into war. In order to clear their name, the FOX unit were forced to go back into Tselinoyarsk, recover the Davy Crocketts, and kill those involved.

Returning to Tselinoyarsk, FOX confronts the GRU unit stationed there under Volgin. Though Sokolov was apparently killed by Volgin, FOX was able uncover the goal of the project he was part of: The massive nuclear tank Shagohod. Though the original intent of the Shagohod was as nuclear deterrent, Volgin had no such conceptions. As a result, FOX was forced to destroy the Shagohod and it's production facility in order to defeat Volgin, and recover the launchers.

In the end, Volgin is killes, and the US is cleared of any wrongdoing in the attack. And while FOX was honoured by the President, the whole mission was removed entirely from the records, and no trace of it was left behind. The only thing that remained was heightened tensions between the two superpowers, until the war in Veitnam broke out. And while what happened during "Operation Snake Eater" will never be made public, the effects of the events that transpired there would be felt for decades to come...