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[b]USMF-1spec Special Operations Wolverine Big Boss Custom [i]"Snake Eater"[/i][/b]

[b]Height:[/b] [CLASSIFIED] (Estimated around 17 meters)
[b]Weight:[/b] [CLASSIFIED]

[b]Ability Data[/b]

[b]Unstable Nuclear Engine:[/b] Like the standard Wolverine, the Special Operations Wolverine are powered by a nuclear reactor with a fatal design flaw. If the reactor is too badly damaged, the unit will catastrophically explode. However, the CIA actually prefers this, as it eliminates any evidence that could tie the unit back to them.
[b]Dual Cockpit:[/b] While the normal Wolverine was designed to be controlled by a gunner and a pilot, the special operations wing of the CIA was not yet manned enough to make this a feasible option. As a result, they had all their Special Operations Wolverines reconfigured to be able to switch between single and dual pilot modes as required.
[b]Camo Index:[/b] As the Special Operations Wolverine was designed to be used in clandestine operations where remaining hidden from enemy detection is key, it features a number of recent technologies designed to hide the Wolverine from enemy eyes. To begin with, all the joints and moving parts (where practicable) were coated or surrounded in rubber in order to reduce the noise they generate. Secondly, the Wolverine is painted in a dark black paint that incorporated some early attempts at radar absorbing materials, though in practice this paint was revealed to be almost entirely ineffective. Lastly, the Wolverine is equipped with a number of rollers over it's body that can be loaded with a number of camouflage rolls. When extended, these rolls attempt to increase the Wolverine's stealthiness by blending in with the terrain, and breaking the pattern of it's body. All of these features are less effective (or completely ineffective) when the Wolverine is in motion, but can make even the massive robot undetectable when it is stationary.
[b]Operations Pack:[/b] Since the Special Operations Wolverine was intended to operate in the field for long periods of time outside of a "home base", each unit is equipped with a very large "operations pack" mounted on their back. Each operations pack contains field repair kits to allow for quick repair of minor damage, shelter equipment when the pilot must "camp out" in an operation, and lastly storage for weapons, equipment, and other materials that the operative may recover on a mission. While the pack is designed to allow the Wolverine to drop materials into it while in motion, the unit must be deactivated and the pilot must manually access the pack in order to retrieve anything inside of it, in case they wish to use weapons previously stored.
[b]Underwater Adaptation:[/b] Special Operations Wolverines are intended to infiltrate their target location through a variety of means, including underwater. Though the Special Operations Wolverine is still not fully amphibious, it is fully water-tight, and has a few deployable propellers to help it move underwater.

[b]Weapon Data[/b] (Unless otherwise noted, all weapons should be using Hardpoint)

[b]M34 Smoke Flare:[/b] A variant of the M15 smoke grenade, modified to be used as a rifle grenade. Generally used to signal aircraft or other recovery vehicles, the M34 can also be used in a pinch to obscure the Wolverine in combat.
[b]Chaff Grenades:[/b] Instead of launching shrapnel when detonated, these grenades release a large amount of small, thin aluminum in the air in order to interfere with various targeting systems.
[b]Anti-WT Combat Knife:[/b] Based on the KA-BAR combat knife, this is specifically made for use against walking tanks. Not Hardpoint.
[b]Mk22 Pistol:[/b] The Mk22 is a double-action, semi-automatic, magazine-fed, and recoil-operated handgun. Unlike the M1911, the Mk22 used by the Special Operations Wolverine is chambered to fire a prototype round that is intended to try to stun enemy walking tanks with a short, high-burst electrical shock. Not Hardpoint.
[b]M1911 Pistol:[/b] The M1911 is a single-action, semi-automatic, magazine-fed, and recoil-operated handgun. Made larger for the Wolverine.

[b]Автомат Калашникова 47:[/b] An AK-47, recovered from a MiGM-1. [b]Снайперская винтовка Драгунова:[/b] An SVD, recovered from a MiGM-1. [b]РПГ-7:[/b] An RPG-7, recovered from a MiGM-1.
[b]Technical and Historical Notes[/b]

The personal Special Operations Wolverine used by Naked Snake during Operation Snake Eater. As Snake was going to be inserted into Tselinoyarsk by a new style of parachute drop ([url=]HALO[/url]), it was not possible to send in any of the Wolverine's non-integral weaponry except for the Mk22. As a result, Snake was required to procure weapons onsite, which resulted in a very eclectic load out.