VFF-1 Fawn

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[b]VFF-1 Fawn[/b]

[b]Technical Data[/b]

[b]Accomidation:[/b] One
[b]Height (Battroid Mode):[/b] 14.2 meters
[b]Length (Fighter Mode):[/b] 16.45 meters
[b]Weight:[/b] empty weight 11,876 kilograms; standard mission weight 16,662 kilograms; maximum takeoff weight 24,669 kilograms
[b]Speed (Fighter Mode):[/b] Cruise: Mach 0.8, Max: Mach 2.4

[b]Ability Data[/b]

[b]Fighter Mode:[/b] The Fawn's standard mode. A sleak, aerodynamic form capable of flight at mach speeds.
[b]Battroid Mode:[/b] The Fawn's main combat mode. Not as fast as Fighter mode, but capable of making better use of terrain, and the only form that can use certain weapons.
[b]Gerwalk Mode:[/b] Not an intentional form, but some pilots have found ways to force the Fawn to become "stuck" while changing between forms, making a sort of hybrid. "Gerwalk" mode, as they call it, retains some of Fighter mode's speed and flight capabilities, while gaining Battroid mode's terrain capabilities and the ability to use some of Battroid's weapons.
[b]Weapon Hardpoints:[/b] Fawns have 4 hardpoints capable of carrying various weapons into combat. The loadout is usually dictated by the mission, though pilots have some lee-way available to them about certain aspects. Due to the location of the hardpoints, however, they are not usable when the Fawn is in Battroid mode, but are usable in Fighter and Gerwalk modes.

[b]Weapon Data[/b]

[b]20mm Vulcans:[/b] Standard aircraft vulcan cannons mounted on the fighter's "nose". Since the nose folds into the frame when transforming into Battroid mode, they are unusable. However the nose remains in place when in Gerwalk mode.
[b]55mm Gatling Gunpod:[/b] The Fawn's main combat weapon. The Gatling Gunpod is mounted on the left side of the chassis when in Fighter mode, and is held in the Fawn's hands in Battroid and Gerwalk modes.
[b]Anti-Air Missiles:[/b] Each of the Fawn's hardpoints are capable of carrying 3 anti-air missiles, which are capable of homing on either laser or infra-red.
[b]Swarming Missiles:[/b] Each of the Fawn's hardpoints are capable of carrying a pod of 15 "swarmer" missiles. While low-powered, the missiles are fast and are capable of hitting a target from multiple angles, effectively "swarming" the target.
[b]Cluster Bombs:[/b] Each of the Fawn's hardpoints are capable of carrying a single cluster bomb, which is capable of covering a large area with bomblets.

[b]Technical and Historical Notes[/b]

The VFF-1 Fawn was the first tactical fighter of the FAF. With it's 3 control surfaces and advanced 3d thrust-vectoring, the Fawn was highly maneuverable for it's time, and was the first craft that could compete with the JAM attack crafts. With it's hardpoints, it is able to carry weapons for a variety of roles, from air superiority to tactical bombing. The Fawn was also the first Earth fighter to have transforming capabilities, able to change from a fighter jet into a humanoid robot in seconds. Though it was not designed to, pilots have managed to force a third, "hybrid" form, which has become standard on all future FAF aircraft.

While originally a high-tech fighter, it was quickly outclassed by JAM and FAF airframe advancements, leaving it now relegated to fighter-bomber and air defense suppression roles.