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Scouring the Streets

The search continues as police forces around the system are rising into action, attempting to bring the five most feared villains of our time into justice.

Everywhere throughout the past week efforts made by the police forces of every nation have increased rapidly in an attempt to come across any information leading to the acquisition of these criminals. The approximate whereabouts of their hideouts, their appearances, and even their names are completely unknown, and a reward of 200 PCs has been offered to anyone who can supply information that can lead to the capture of these terrifying villains. Hundreds of perpetrators worldwide have been arrested and brought to justice as a result of these campaigns, but thus far, none of them have fit the profile of the five unspeakables.

Crime rates worldwide have lowered in this effort as some of the worst known thieves, mob leaders, murderers, mercenaries and would-be-warmasters have been apprehended, yet not one of the five most feared has either been one of these or been identified. Until sufficient information has been procured, the search will continue. Lieutenant Natsuki Aki again wishes to remind anyone who has obtained information relevant to the capture of these five to head to their nearest police station as soon as possible.

-Seth Valentine
Fight Stats - July 2005
Most PCs
1) Umbaglo (3850)
2) Shingro (2100)
3) Saito (1900)
*) Mechalomaniac

Most UPs
1) Kazastankas (564)
2) Shingro (554)
3) Umbaglo (511)

Most Wins
1) Umbaglo (10)
2) Mechalomaniac (8)
3) Saito Ryujin (7)
*) Shingro (7)

Most Losses
1) Kazastankas (9)
2) Shingro (7)
3) Saito Ryujin (6)
*) Mechalomaniac (6)

Most Fights
1) Kazastankas (15)
2) Mechalomaniac (14)
*) Shingro (14)

Supplied by Umbaglo