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Yet Another Relaxing Day in Neo-Venezzia

As you wake up to the familiar scent of salty sea air, you get yourself dressed and ready for the day ahead. No matter what your walk of life is here in Neo-Venezzia - a gondola tour guide, an owner of a local cafe, a maintainer of the floating weather control center, or any of the other myriad of professions to be found here - the charm and mystery of the local community has won you over, and once again you walk out into the morning sun, sure to find wonder and mystery right around the corner!

Come join us on a serene, calming journey in the wonderful world of Aria!


  • System: Big Eyes, Small Mouth 2nd Edition
  • GM: Tilus
  • Location: #aria
  • Time: This'll be a "Whenever we feel like it" game, which will run whenever a bunch of people in the campaign decide they want to RP.


  • (4/1/10 12:00 AM PST) Welcome to Aria: The Roleplaying! Character generation is open, by the way, so feel free to start putting character sheets down! As always, I'm open for questions and comments about the game and/or its' system.

Chargen & House Rules

  • Characters are built on 20 Character Points and 30 Skill Points.
  • The sum total of your character's stats must not total more than 15, and no individual stat can be raised higher than 8.
  • Skills will use the Space Opera skill cost set.
  • Combat skills and special attributes that are purely combat-related are banned (as there will be no combat in this game). If you're unsure as to whether an attribute is purely combat related or not, ask me.
  • All defects you take must have an accompanying explanation that's reasonable and makes sense.
  • The only valid race in this game is human, sorry to anyone who wanted to play a catperson.
  • Your character's name must begin with "A", and it must be pronounced "ah" (as in "Alicia", "Aika", etc).
  • It is heavily, heavily recommended that you also come up with a silly two-syllable reaction phrase (such as "Hahi~"). Coming up with an Ariaface is also highly encouraged.
  • If you are playing an Undine and are deciding to be a part of an original company, you will need to design a company president. Any breed of cat is fine, including ones you make up (after all, who knows how many other species of Martian cats exist).
  • All characters must be reviewed by me and approved before they are allowed in this campaign.
  • It is heavily, heavily advised you have at least a passing familiarity with the world of Aria before you generate a sheet for this game. If you haven't seen the anime or read the manga yet, do so - it's incredibly awesome.
  • Embarrassing remarks are not prohibited.


  • Insert your character here!