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AICA began as a prototype military combat android produced by Amaterasu Science Laboratories as a potential mass produced automated war machine. Her production cost the company an untold amount of money and resources - and this, combined with the single resulting prototype not meeting the very lofty goals set for it by the company, caused the project to be abruptly and quietly cancelled. The executives of Amaterasu, neither wanting to see this costly mistake in their sights ever again nor wanting anyone else potentially learning about the technology that went into the prototype, elected to have her destroyed. However, to the low level employees eventually tasked with the prototype's disposal, 'destruction' meant simply dumping her into the trash in the company's backlot.

Almost immediately afterwards, she was recovered by Jennifer Wright, daughter of the founder of Wright Electronics, and taken back to her father's company headquarters. There, much of her military weaponry was stripped from her, and the crack computer programmers developed a new operating system for her, transforming her into a companion/bodyguard android with more peaceful intentions. Jennifer was then appointed as the prototype's - AICA's - supervisor, and the two of them were transferred to Iron Fist High School in nearby Bay City, to live a (somewhat) normal school life and to allow AICA's programming to develop and evolve.

It didn't take AICA long to fit into the surroundings she was thrust into - she quickly found herself at home in Iron Fist High School's streetfight culture. While much of the violent combat technology was removed from her, much of it still remains, and they have helped her to become moderately successful in combat despite her otherwise total lack of knowledge about the world or its' surroundings. While this has initially bothered Jennifer somewhat, as it often pains her to see AICA hurt a living being or get hurt, Jennifer has begun to cope with it, and now supports her from a safe distance.

However, as of late, rumors of AICA's presence at Iron Fist High School have begun to trickle back to Amaterasu, whom appear to be livid at the news of their failed prototype's continued existance..


AICA is intimidatingly tall, and despite being an android, her outward appearance roughly resembles that of a human female, with the exception of a metallic attachment to her face somewhat resembling an antenna, very unnatural appearing eyes, and creases located at the edge of the wrists. Her face contains synthetic (and very superficial) short, crimson red "hair". She is generally seen wearing red or black colored long sleeved/legged clothing which covers most of the body.


Name: ASL-1001P Amaterasu Intelligent Combat Android, later WE-1001 Adaptive Intelligent Companion Android ("AICA")
Age: 6 months, appears to be 16 years
Height: 6ft 2in
Weight: 400lb (but don't you DARE tell her that!), outwardly appears to be 140lb
Fighting Style: Killer Android Style
Weapon of Choice: Unarmed
Quote: "Prepare to be eliminated."


  • STR: 14 (+2)
  • DEX: 14 (+2)
  • CON: --
  • INT: 10
  • WIS: 10
  • CHR: 10

  • -2 pts spent

Combat Abilities

  • Attack Bonus: 2 (8 melee, 8 Eye Lasers)
  • Defense Bonus: 0 (6 non-flatfooted)

  • Toughness: 10
  • Fortitude: ---
  • Reflex: 2 +5 -> 7
  • Will: 0 +2 ->2

  • Initiative: +0
  • Trip: +0
  • Grapple: +0
  • Knockback: -5

  • Languages: English

  • 11 pts spent


  • Computers 12
  • Notice 4
  • Sense Motive 8

  • 6 pts spent


  • Attack Focus (Melee) 6
  • All-Out Attack
  • Assessment
  • Dodge Focus 6
  • Evasion
  • Fearless
  • Luck 2
  • Minion 3 (45pt ver): "Jennifer Wright"
  • Power Attack
  • Stun Recovery
  • Ultimate Effort (Toughness)

  • 24 pts spent


  • Datalink 1 [Feat: Machine Control]: 2 pts
  • Immunity 30 [Fortitude saves, Feat: Innate]: 31 pts
  • Protection 10: 10 pts
  • Impervious 4: 4 pts
  • Super-Sense 5 [Danger Sense, Direction Sense, Radio, Ultra Hearing, Uncanny Dodge (Auditory)] (5 pts)
  • Android Vision Power Array (6pt Power Array, Alternate Power x2, 8pts)
    • Mechanical, Technological, Visual
    • Super-Sense 6 [Counters Illusion (Visual), Distance Sense (Visual), Rapid (Visual) 2]: "Normal Vision" (6 pts)
    • Super-Sense 6 [Infravision, Counters Obscure (All Visual)]: "Infrared Vision" (6 pts)
    • Super-Sense 6 [Counters Concealment (Visual), Penetrates Concealment (Visual)]: "X-Ray Vision" (6 pts)
  • Attack Power Array (12pt Power Array, Alternate Power x4; 16pts)
    • Mechanical, Killer Android Style
    • Strike 8 [Feat: Extended Reach 4]: "Rocket Punch" (12 pts)
    • (ALT) Strike 6 [Extra: Linked (Snare 6 [Feat: Tether, Flaw: Range, Entangle]); Feat: Extended Reach 2]: "Harpoon" (12 pts)
    • (ALT) Blast 8 [Energy (Light); Feat: Accurate 3, Precise; Flaw: Unreliable (5 Uses)]: "Eye Lasers" (12 pts)
    • (ALT) Strike 8 [Extra: Linked (Paralyze 8 [Electric]); Flaw: Super Art]: "Super Art: Inazuma Kick" (12 pts)
    • (ALT) Strike 8 [Feat: Extended Reach 2, Knockback 2; Extra: Autofire; Flaw: Super Art]: "Super Art: Machinegun Punch" (12 pts)

  • 77 pts spent


  • Stats (-2) + Combat Abilities (11) + Skills (6) + Feats (24) + Powers (76) = 115 pts


  • "Rocket Punch"

AICA aims her right arm at her target, then fires off her fist, tethered via a thin steel cable to the rest of her body, at the enemy. The tethered fist is then quickly reeled in after impact (or if the attack misses).

  • "Harpoon"

AICA aims her right arm at her target, as her fist morphs into a spiked grappling hook type weapon. Should this attack strike its' target, it will wrap around the target, binding it and allowing AICA to swing it around as she pleases.

  • "Eye Lasers"

AICA's eyes project a thin and precise ray of directed energy at a target.

  • "Super Art: Inazuma Kick"

Leaping into the air, AICA charges her legs with high amounts of electricity before dropkicking her opponent. In additional to the physical impact, the electricity stored up may also paralyze an opponent into helplessness.

  • "Super Art: Machinegun Punch"

AICA rapidly fires off her left and right arms in Rocket Punch fashion, withdrawing them in sequence, before firing off one last superpowered punch that sends her foe reeling backwards.

Jennifer Wright


Jennifer Wright is the only daughter of the CEO and founder of Wright Electronics, Professor ????? Wright. She lived a fairly peaceful and prosperous life, boosted by her innate talent for machinery and invention, which has revealed itself to be on the same level as her father's. She has already contributed to several of Wright Electronics' successful products, and she is expected to have a prosperous future ahead of her.

One day, while riding home from school on her bike, she passed by the hated Amaterasu Science Labs and found what appeared to be a girl lying in a large dumpster bin in the back of the labs. Quickly noticing that the girl was in fact not human and had been thrown away by Amaterasu, Jennifer carried her back to her father's labs for dissecting. Feeling sorry for the android, Jennifer wanted to convert her into a more peaceful bodyguard, and with some help from around the company, she did so.

Currently, Jennifer is enrolled in Iron Fist High School as a student, but more importantly, as AICA's supervisor and maintainer. Her duties, besides those of an ordinary Iron Fist High School student, are to ensure AICA continues to function properly, and to repair her whenever she is damaged or requires maintenance.

Jennifer's own capability to fight is - to put it kindly - severely lacking. She has never been trained in any martial art, and has always backed out of any fight she's ever gotten into. She does carry around a couple of her own inventions, but they are both defensive in nature and quite weak, incapable of repelling any serious threat. She relies on AICA to get her out of any rough situations she may run into.


Jennifer is your fairly typical scientist girl - cute but a little nerdy. She is much shorter compared to AICA - almost comically so. Her face has long, dark brown hair, and always wears small rectangular shaped glasses to cover her blue eyes. Her normal wardrobe is consisted mostly of clothing that makes fairly obscure geeky references.


Name: Jennifer Wright
Age: 16
Height: 5ft 3in
Weight: 110lb
Fighting Style: Legendary Hidden Art: Swift-Legged Poultry Style
Weapon of Choice: Unarmed
Quote: "AICAAA~ What are you doing!?!"


  • STR: 6 (-2)
  • DEX: 10
  • CON: 8 (-1)
  • INT: 16 (+3)
  • WIS: 14 (+2)
  • CHR: 10

  • 4 pts spent

Combat Abilities

  • Attack Bonus: 0
  • Defense Bonus: 0

  • Toughness: -1 (+4 wielding Force Field Generator)
  • Fortitude: 3 -1 = 2
  • Reflex: 4 +0 = 4
  • Will: 6 +2 = 8

  • Initiative: +1
  • Trip: +1
  • Grapple: -2
  • Knockback: -0 (-2 wielding Force Field Generator)

  • Language: English

  • 13 pts spent


  • Computers 8
  • Concentration 6
  • Craft [Mechanical] 12
  • Knowledge (Technology) 8
  • Notice 8
  • Search 6
  • Sense Motive 4

  • 13 pts spent


  • Eidetic Memory
  • Inventor
  • Luck 1

  • 3 pts spent


  • Wright Electronics(tm) Devices
    • Technological
    • Device 1: "Wright Electronics(tm) Brand Handheld Aggression Reducing Protective Energy Force Field Generator" (3 pts)
    • Device 3: "Wright Electronics(tm) Brand Comprehensive All-in-One Universal Mechanical Object Reparation Tool Kit Set" (9 pts)

  • 12 pts spent


Stats (4) + Combat Abilities (13) + Skills (13) + Feats (3) + Powers (12) = 45 pts


  • "Wright Electronics(tm) Brand Handheld Aggression Reducing Protective Energy Force Field Generator"
    • Force Field 5 (5 pts)

A snugly fitting glove with a compact energy field emitter attached. Projects an energy field which repels weak attacks, and protects Jennifer just enough to allow her to run away in a pinch.

  • Wright Electronics(tm) Brand Comprehensive All-in-One Universal Mechanical Object Reparation Tool Kit Set
    • Healing 5 [Extra: Affects Objects, Resurrection; Flaw: Only Affects Objects] (15 pts)

A vast collection of high tech tools capable of repairing just about any sort of mechanical device, AICA included.