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D&D 4.0: Power Kill is over until further notice. I'll be running my serious campaign, The Flower of Battle from now on.


These games are a series of 4.0 hack-and-slash dungeon romp one-shots by Adslahnit. This is purely meant to test out the paragon-level and epic-level combat of 4.0, so don't expect any in-character roleplaying, acting, or storyline at all. The IRC channel where we're supposed to hang out in is #4ePK on irc.aniverse.com, and you can also head over to #zeal, the channel that this wiki belongs to, while you're on the server too.


  • PDT: 2 PM - 8 PM, Saturdays
  • EDT: 5 PM - 11 PM, Saturdays
  • BST (U.K.): 10 PM - 4 AM, Saturday-Sundays
  • CEST (Spain): 11 PM - 5 AM, Saturday-Sundays
  • UTC+8 (Philippines): 5 AM - 11 AM, Saturdays

Please try to be in the IRC channel at least 1 hour before the game starts, so that we can sort out MapTool's bullshit beforehand. We've already seen how MapTool can be a very fickle program when it comes to servers and connections, working just fine one week and screwing up big time the next.

8/26: Newest version of MapTool, 1.3.b41 (delete all your old MapTool folders before installing this): http://rptools.net/dist/zip/maptool-1.3.b41.zip

Character Creation Guidelines

"Official WotC material" here refers to anything made by Wizards of the Coast for 4.0. This includes the three core books (the Player's Handbook, the Dungeon Master's Guide, and the Monster Manual), Dragon Magazine articles, Dungeon Magazine articles, WotC website articles, and errata to any of the above.

  • Starting Level: Depends on the upcoming game.
  • Ability Scores: Use the funky point buy system in the Player's Handbook, which is 10/10/10/10/10/8 (not in that order, of course) with 22-point buy. The recommended starting arrays are 16/16/12/12/10/8 if your build needs two high scores equally high and if you need to meet ability score prerequisites for feats (Orbizards and Blood Pulse warlock/wizards, for example), and 18/14/11/10/10/8 if your build relies only on one score and your feats don't have any steep ability score requirements (Fey Pact warlocks and both Artful Dodger and Brutal Scoundrel rogues, for example).
  • Backgrounds: You may have any one background from the Forgotten Realms Player's Guide, even though you're probably not from there.
  • Races: Any from official WotC material. Remember that elves are fucking hax due to Elven Accuracy and Elven Precision.
  • Classes: Any from official WotC material.
  • Alignment: Use the 4.0 alignments instead of the old Planescape-style alignments. In before bawwwww.
  • Deities: Any deity you can come up with, and you can declare your character to be devoted to no single deity in particular. You can even choose a Channel Divinity feat that doesn't match your deity (a cleric of Kord taking Armor of Bahamut, for example), but you can only have one Channel Divinity feat.
  • Feats: As per the Player's Handbook, you have a number of feat slots equal to 1/2 your level (rounded down), +1 for each tier (heroic, paragon, epic), +1 if you're a human. Remember that you can retrain feats into higher-level feats as you gain levels.
  • Powers: As per the 4.0 Player's Handbook, you have this power progression that I can't be arsed to explain right here. Use the handy reference table on page 143 of the 4.0 Dungeon Master's Guide if you can't figure it out yourself, though keep in mind that you may elect not to replace your lower-level powers.
  • Equipment: As per the 4.0 Dungeon Master's Guide, if your level is X, where X > 2, then you have one magic item of level X+1, one magic item of level X, one magic item of level X-1, and assorted moneys equal to the purchase price of a magic item of level X-1. You can even spend money on consumables such as poisons from the 4.0 Dungeon Master's Guide or potions, although keep in mind that potions and poisons are laughably overpriced and ineffective. You also have 100 gp to spend on mundane adventuring gear, but you seriously will not be using them at all for this game.

House Rules and Other Notes

  • Augment is available to all characters. Once per encounter, you can augment any attack power that you use. To augment a power, you must expend an encounter attack power that you haven’t used yet during the encounter. If you don’t have any encounter attack powers left, you can’t augment the power. You must choose to augment before you resolve the success of the attack. When you augment a power, you may apply one of the following effects (chosen when you decide to augment):
    • Increase the damage dealt by the power by an amount equal to the power expended to augment it. (For example, if you expend a 3rd-level power to augment your fireball, add +3 to the damage.)
    • Increase the range of the power by 5.
    • Increase the burst or blast size of the power by 1.
  • Seal of Binding is b&.
  • Sudden Assault chains with a pair of level 30 warlord Demigods abusing Divine Miracle are also b&.
  • Divine Miracle counts only encounter attack powers, meaning you have to exhaust only your encounter attack powers to trigger it, but it cannot refresh encounter utility powers and racial encounter powers. I know Murmur asked CustServ and they replied saying that Divine Miracle can in fact refresh encounter utility powers and racial encounter powers, but I'm sorry, I just have to b& this abuse. Elves are already considerably powerful with Elven Accuracy and Elven Precision, but using those two with Divine Miracle to reroll each and every one of your attack rolls at a +2 attack bonus is just faggotry. Especially if it's an elf warlord/Battle Captain/Demigod who's also spamming Inspiring Word to give his allies surefire attack bonuses.
  • Short rests are effectively gone in the sense that you need not take a 5-minute breather after every fight. After each encounter, you automatically receive the benefits of having taken a short rest, such as all of your encounter powers being refreshed and you being able to spend healing surges to recover lost hit points.
  • Sleep makes the target go unconscious through actual sleep, following the rules for sleeping and waking up in the Player's Handbook. This means that the target wakes up immediately upon taking damage from the coup de grace, but can be woken up prematurely by an ally who shouts at it as a free action or shakes it (the ally must be adjacent for this) as a standard action. Sleep is supposed to be only a level 1 daily, after all.
    • On a side note, Ad Slahnit happens to be a sleep spell from the PS2 monster catchan game Jade Cocoon 2. It hit the enemy's entire side and had a disturbingly high success rate (roughly ~80%), and it allowed your side to auto-crit the sleeping enemies to wake them up. Due to the way the monster abilities worked in the game, you could spam it over and over again.
  • Gauntlets of Destruction and Vorpal weapons require you to manually reroll your damage rolls. I suggest asking Unearthly to use his script for Gauntlets of Destruction and Vorpal damage, or settling for average damage on all damage rolls (http://forums.gleemax.com/showthread.php?t=1044906), except crits, of course:
    • Average Damage with Vorpal per Die:
      • d4: 3.33; Increase of +0.83 over 2.5
      • d6: 4.2; Increase of +0.7 over 3.5
      • d8: 5.14; Increase of +0.64 over 4.5
      • d10: 6.11; Increase of +0.61 over 5.5
      • d12: 7.09; Increase of +0.59 over 6.5
    • Average Damage with Gauntlets of Destruction and Vorpal per Die:
      • d4: 4.5; Increase of +2 over 2.5
      • d6: 5; Increase of +1.5 over 3.5
      • d8: 5.83; Increase of +1.33 over 4.5
      • d10: 6.75; Increase of +1.25 over 5.5
      • d12: 7.7; Increase of +1.2 over 6.5

Primary Characters

There will be a maximum of 6 slots available, and I'd really like at least 3 members in the party: one controller, one defender, one leader. You can still sign up after this maximum has been reached, but you will simply be in the reserve, and you will get to play only if one of the primary 6 players drops out.

No slots available because Power Kill is over until further notice.