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Game Information

Rooster's Standard House Rules
Rewards Of the Victorious
Mission Log

Earned Titles

Extra Notes:

  • My rules for action points override Eberron's own rules, but Eberron feats that boost action points are allowed.
  • Kalashtar, Warforged and Shifters have new stats in the above link.
  • When creating a character, do not forget to pick a region of origin.
  • IRC channel: #drumsofwar
  • Level 1, 100 GP, 40 point buy for stats.
  • You may adjust your character sheets and take any of the racial or class variants from the PF APG. All characters also receive one trait for free.


This game is set in Eberron. Player characters form a mercenary company for hire who live on Khorvaire.

  • Company Name: Balance of Power
  • Location: Sharn (Breland)


Map of Eberron (Warning: Very Large)