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  • OVA character sheets should be tuned to work at 40 points. Contack Avitar if this is a mojor problem for you.
  • We're gonna start to try to move the game over to the OVA (Open Versatile Anime) system. All current players grab a hold of the OVA PDF and start converting your BESM sheets to OVA. Please do not delete the old sheets.
  • I think we can all agree now that BESM 3 isn't all that great of a gaming system. I'm currently taking imput into switching the game over to another system. If anyone has any suggestions, leave imput on the notes page.
  • Games are scheduled to start at 7:30 CST and last for 2-3 hours.
  • All players may now only have 1 rank of Extra Actions. If this interferes with anyone's character concepts (coughcoughroocough) talk to me.
  • Several new house rules have been added to address oddities in the BESM system.
  • Big announcements. Character Point caps have been raised to 400 CP/50 EP. ACV and DCV values are now capped at 10, Weapon Ranks are capped at 8, and Damage Multipliers cannont be increased beyond 5 (Note your multipliers all start at 5 anyway).
  • G'day everyone! Character sheets are due Febuary 15th. Also, there will be a warm-up game on Febuary 9th. Bring your sheet as it is, and we'll all get a handle of the system firsthand.

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