Lost Angels Motorcycle Club

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The Lost Angels Motorcycle "club" is a loose gathering of disgruntled lower- and middle-class people, united by a love of motorcycles, rough attitude, and bar-hopping. While their activities all too often take an illegal turn, the Lost Angels insist they are only doing what they must to live within their means, rather than attempting to make a livelihood out of breaking the law.


The Lost Angels Motorcycle club has no real history to speak of. It grew slowly from groups of similar-minded men and women that did little else than stay out late at night in bars, nightclubs and the like. Because the motorcycle represented a break from the mold to most of them, it became the vehicle of choice for practically every member. As time went on, and word spread about the Lost Angels, self-proclaimed chapterhouse managers began to oversee the actions of the Lost Angels in their region, to prevent police coming in force to arrest them.

Current Leadership

Due to the widespread nature of the Lost Angels, their leadership is based on chapterhouses in various regions. Ark City's managers are detailed below.

  • Paul Gedden - Called "Razorback" by most of his friends, Paul Gedden has overseen the majority of the club's activities in Ark City for over a decade. A physically powerful and humorless man whose childhood is best left undescribed, Gedden has managed to keep both the police and the Ark City Angels from causing too many problems through sheer intimidation. His worsening heart condition has left some wondering just how much longer he's going to be around, though he has made it clear that he has chosen a successor that will be even worse than him. Whether this means more violent or more strict, only time can tell.
  • Luke Tanker - As Gedden manages the Ark City Angels, Tanker and his crew are the primary task-force for whatever "jobs" need taken care of. Luke has a reputation as a man with two sides. When out on the town, his friendly and charming (though still somewhat rough) demeanor hides his "workface", a brutal and unforgiving thug that ensures that people will think twice before crossing the Angels again.