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PANIC! Medieval Medical Madness!
The premise: the year is 2012. Healthcare in Uniterica has gone completely government-run in an effort to bring health to the masses. Unwilling to lose their profits, their autonomy, and their status, the entire medical profession engages in a mass exodus. Within one week, there are no healthcare providers in the entire nation. Fearing the worst, neighboring countries erect gigantic walls of ice and river clay in a final coup de grace to social order within Uniterica. Everything goes downhill fast from there, and amateur caregivers subscribing to Optional Hippocratic Suggestions in an effort to steal resources through health "consulting" have discovered a vast trove of illicit and forgotten illegal medical research materials from the darker days of the repression of the common man! Shocking!
The situation: the year is 3225, but no one keeps count anymore. Plagues and strange, proprietary contagious cancers have run rampant, turning Uniterica into a desolate wasteland filled with monsters. The people live in fuedal-style hamlets and villages far outside the crumbling and dangerous ruins of the Old Empire. Sensing the desperate times and the Evil Forces behind them, the long-forgotten Gods of the world have banded together and, in a final act, breathed magic into the world once more in the hopes that brave, strong new heroes would bring peace and prosperity to a land that doomed itself by chasing after those dreams all too poorly. Will the benevolent hubris of mankind repeat itself? Will bold new adventurers uncover the secrets of Parasol Picaru Chloroform?
The game begins as a group of adventurers band together to investigate the ruins of a rumored den of evil corporate activity, rendezvousing at the last stronghold of those allied against the encroaching evil, for one reason or another: 'Za Forge, a stone-fired pizza joint, in scenic Mega City. There, you will meet your partners and get the last bits of information from your informant, have a chance to make some last minute adjustments or purchases, and then whisk away to your doo-- ... to your dungeon!

The game: Modern Fantasy. Think post-apocalypse. 8th level 3.5 D&D with the Gestalt option. Before you ask, no, I don't want to fuss with guns. Guns are mechanically identical to bows--choose your thematic element. Play style will be tackling larger dungeon-like scenarios: a step up from dungeon crawl towards something like Risk.

My "houserules":
 - I hate double checking skills. All skill rank requirements everywhere always are GONE--instead, you will just have to be the minimum character level required for the necessary skill ranks. You will calculate your skills by pooling all your class skills and skill points and spending it all in one go.
 - There will be no mounted combat ever. Mounting something results in death.
 - For the sole purpose of spending XP, 5GP = 1XP.
 - Those who take item creation feats can simply take a 20% discount on items they 'made themselves,' providing of course that they could.
 - We will be calculating our BAB and saves using partial totals. Strong saves are one-half a level (2.5 at level 1), weak are one-third a level. BAB is straightforward enough: 1, .75, or .5. From there, always round down on your total.
 - Hitpoints are always half of the hit die. Even at first level. Forever and ever. Your enemies will have the same conditions or worse, but never better. Unless you ask for it.
 - All actions that affect alignments, when possible, have 'half' that effect against otherwise unaffected neutral targets if this would be to the advantage of the originator of the action.
 - Multiclass penalties will not exist if you can come up with an interesting, unified concept represented by your level choices.
 - Leadership is not available. Cohorts are not available. You are limited to one accompanying entity at character creation.
 - Psionics is transparent with magic... so far.
 - All spellbook related costs are tripled.
 - I was asked, so I'll write up the Panic! Pantheon of Gods
 - Note: Any stat increases from templates or sources with an LA add points to your stat via a point-buy method. For example: 10 charisma affected by a +4 charisma template gains four points, moving from a 10 (2 points) to a 14 (6 points). This bonuses apply after your stats have been purchased, not before, and at character birth (ECL 1). This is a counter-power-creep decision on my part to make sure those who do not take obscure options are not left vastly unbalanced; I will be able to make more interesting encounters for the group if they are all within a reasonable range of one another. If this means you cannot qualify for classes or feats you otherwise would, speak with me and we will work something out. The only exception to this are the +2 bonuses from core races or -- after you confirm the choice with me -- sources with a net zero point gain (+5 str alongside a -5 wis, for example)

Chargen details:
Create your character sheet using the Panic! Blank Character Sheet. 36 point buy for stats. You can use any material that you can reference and relay quickly. I have zero experience with Pathfinder and Incarnum; you'll be continually hassled about details if you go with one of those options, but I'm fine with giving them a try. Generic classes undermine the spirit of gestalt: let's avoid them, if you can.
Pick one of the following Super Special Awesome (TM) perks:
 - +3 inherent bonus to one stat
 - Opt-in to the Variable DC variant system, if your character manifests powers or casts spells
 - At the cost of forgoing the ability to manifest powers, cast spells (including warlockian and other wonky methods,) you can receive a 2 Level Adjustment waiver towards finding an interesting race or template for your concept
 - You can throw yourself to the mercy of the 1d100 and see what happens
The Party
Jamie Ma-R-kI - This is an example of the character sheet, and your very own dedicated NPC, my gift to you, free of charge!
Hikari of the Dawn - Lone - Canadian (Path Aasimar) Pathadin/Crusader - Available weeknights after 10pm EST or on the weekend any time
Mei, Assassin - Assassin/Lurk, Regris (Weekdays only, preferably not Weds, have class in evenings on tues/thurs, another game Friday)
Honami of the Dusk - Repentant Half-Succubus Dancer, played by Koura. (Thursdays most of my day is taken up by another game, same with fridays. Monday seems like it might work? Otherwise I'm flexible as heck.)
Talon Bloodaxe - Omnomnom Orcish Tarrasque, Played by Mai
Ulthane - Dragoon/Chargefvcker, played by Go.
Nivek Obros Boflex - Half Elf personal trainer, played by Tass.
Chantiel - Highly Studious Elven Spellcaster Type, played by Tilus
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Not Characters
Maple avOrrick - Archivist/Wizard Librarian Girl.
Aimee - Mischievous Fairy Roguish Mageish Archer (u~fu~fu~fu), played by Tilus (Any date/time of the week that's not ZOMG LATE, ZOMG EARLY, or Sunday works for me.)

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