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Where, When, Who, How Many

  • Where: #MadAdventure @
  • When:
  • Who: Sachiru (Primary Dungeon Master), Satori (Secondary Dungeon Master, Rules Consultant and Setting Consultant)
  • How Many: We are ideally looking for two or three players. However, four can be accomplished if there is a fourth player who can make the schedule and desperately desires to join.

Realistic Expectations

This is an online

The Basics of Filgaia

This is a campaign set in Filgaia, the setting of the Wild Arms series. Each game in the series is set in a different Filgaia, and so too will this online, tabletop campaign. Those of you who are familiar with the series should recognize what most versions of Filgaia have in common:

  • Elements and Inspiration: The setting employs elements from Wild West fiction, fantasy fiction, and science fiction, with elements from post-apocalyptic fiction overlaid upon the previous three.
  • An Old World of Fantasy and Sci-Fi: The backstory of the setting involves a world inhabited by advanced civilizations that employed magical technology (fantasy and sci-fi elements).
  • The Fall into a Post-Apocalyptic World: A series of events sent those civilizations crashing down, be it the war against a rampaging demon lord, the mutually assured destruction caused by nuclear world war, or the decay caused by non-environmentally-minded, prolonged reliance on resource-devouring technology (postapocalyptic elements). This may have happened anywhere from ten years ago to a thousand, but in all cases, the series of events had dragged out over the course of several years rather than having been an instantaneous calamity.
  • Wild West Wasteland: The present-day world is, for the most part, a desolate, Wild West-style wasteland of expansive deserts, dry plains, and red rock canyons (Wild West elements).
  • Points of Light in a Ravaged Earth: Settlements of the current generation of survivors are sparsely scattered across the world as points of light; trade and travel between them are dangerous and infrequent due to the harsh, monster-inhabited wilderness.
  • Ancient Memories of the Old World: Ruins of the old world—cities, towns, research facilities, factories, transportation hubs, temples, monuments—are scattered across the land, waiting to be explored by suicidal adventurers. The technology, knowledge, and dark secrets of the civilizations that predated the fall are locked within them.
  • Magitech Guns: The armaments of the old world—advanced, magitech-based weapons known as ARMs—are in the hands of the current generation. Sometimes, these are commonplace, everyday weapons that take the place of firearms; at other times, these are rare tools of awesome power and potential, and both highly sought after and burdened with the stigma of playing a role in the worldwide destruction.
  • Plentiful Fonts of Power: Magic, technology, and magical technology coexist alongside one another. From the shamanistic evokers of the primal guardian spirits of the world, to the learned wielders of arcane crest magic and formula magic, to the psychic manipulators of the swarms of nanomachines lingering in the environment, to the emergent votaries of the religions of the old world whose divine prayers are infused with the power of faith, to the shootists and swordsmen who simply know how to wield a fancy-schmancy ARM with unimpeachable talent; Filgaia is a world of many sources of personal power.
  • Drifting Souls and Victims of Circumstance: Adventurers known as Drifters roam the world; their motivations are as varied as the walks of life from which they came from. A Drifter could be seeking fame, fortune, knowledge, a means to restore Filgaia to its previous age, a lost relation, a criminal, or a nemesis. Other adventurers are not Drifters, but fateful souls who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong, entangling them in a web of circumstances that requires them to see their adventure through to the end.
  • The Environmental Struggle to "Restore the World": There are many people in Filgaia who would like to rejuvenate it, or otherwise mold it into their image of a better world. Some are sincere in their mission yet lack the resources and the power to make a difference, others still are misguided in their efforts to carve a bright future for Filgaia, and others still are indifferent to the state of the planet yet find themselves entangled in the struggle to restore life to it. The player characters, of course, often wind up on the side of legitimately aiming to heal Filgaia.
  • Mary Sues and Special Snowflakes: The player characters that the story revolves around have in their ranks one or more characters whose histories and qualities are intrinsically tied to both Filgaia's past and Filgaia's future. Some may not even know of this until revelations occur as the storyline unfolds. Ofttimes, these characters possess unique abilities that distinguish them as "chosen ones" of some sort.
  • tl;dr: A bizarre mashup of Dark Sun, Eberron, Deadlands, Wild Cards: Sons of the Gunm Fallout: New Vegas, and Kojima-style nanomachine obsession, jRPG style.

Wild Arms 2's Filgaia, Modified

A Note on Races

A Note on Power Sources

  • Martial:
  • Arcane:
  • Divine:
  • Primal:
  • Psionic:
  • Shadow:

A Note on ARMs

Character Creation Guidelines and House Rules