Tales of a Dream

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Tales of a Dream

Club Day at Ceylon University

It's the beginning of a new year at Ceylon University and as usual, their yearly Club Day has occured. As you wander through the stalls, looking at the various clubs that offer interesting and new adventures for college students, one club seems to stand out. Behind a collapsable table sits two people, one of them a blond-haired girl while the other is a tall young man, holding out a cell phone and pointing to various things with confusion on his face. Nobody else seems to show much interest. Many students walk past the table without a second glance. As you move closer, you can see their poster, a beautiful work of art depicting an armored warrior slaying a dragon with only a sword. Written in bold letters above the portrait is the name of the club, "Explorers of the Dream" and below it is the phrase, "Believe in yourself and you can accomplish anything."

Several sheets of paper are on the desk, no doubt detailing what kind of club activities you'll be participating in. Strangely enough, on the sheet, the only event is "Introduction Day" and nothing else. Any other activities are labeled as "Occuring at night and there are no guarantees on your participation". The girl notices you and gets her feet off the table, surprised that someone has actually decided to drop by. Before you can ask what the hell the club is about, she grins and leans forward.

"Weird stuff, huh? Well, you'll understand if you decide to join. If you want, there's a sign-in sheet right over there."

The sign-in sheet is woefully blank. Still, whether it's from curiosity, genuine interest, or just so you can mock these two lunatics for their crazy club, you decide to sign up. The next club meeting is tomorrow and deep down inside, you're looking forward to it.


Rules System: Mutants and Masterminds 2nd Edition

Time: Wednesday from 7-10 PM PST

GM(s): Tythanin, Hiring Others

Channel: #talesofadream on Aniverse.

Rules and Setting

- Cause I'm used to it and it...uh, makes sense, we'll be using the Reduced Time and Value Progression Table from Nanoha for this game too.

Cast and Crew

Quit the Club