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Space reserved for Tilus's in-planning and to be decided message board based game, which will run near or at the conclusion of Nanoha: Meteor Squadron.

System, plot details, and character generation guidelines to come soon, so stay tuned!


  • System: Mutants & Masterminds 2e
  • Location: TBA. OOC discussion will take place in an IRC channel, RP will be handled in play-by-post fashion on a message board. Dicerolls will be handled via the Invisible Castle diceroller, a secure dicerolling solution.
  • GM: Tilus

Campaign News

  • (12/19/08 1:00 PM PST) As Nanoha is approaching the endgame phase, I'm going to begin to start setting things up here in preparation for this game to begin.
  • (12/29/08 7:30 PM PST) Project momentarily scrapped until I come up with a good, solid concept which I can get enthusiastic about comes to mind. I'd rather this not limp along like the end of Nanoha S2 did. =P




  • Message Board Software - I'll probably just wind up picking up any old free message board to put this game down on, but suggestions are welcome.
  • Setting Ideas - what kind of game would you like to see run?