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This is a list of all the unbeaten console and handheld RPGs Tilus has in his possession. Laugh in his misfortune as he attempts futilely at stemming the tide and trying to conquer the legendary Leaning Tower of Gaming!



  • 12/17/07: Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas Tilus! Four more games have been added to thy misery! Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana, Tales of Symphonia, and Rogue Galaxy have pushed me into skyscraper territory. 44 games now lie unbeaten! Get to work!
  • 12/18/07 9:30 PM PST: Ar Tonelico completed! Is Tilus finally making progress!?!
  • 9/20/08 5:45 PM PST: No, he hasn't. In fact, he has gone backwards. Very, very far backwards. This update is just to tack on all the new games bought since the last update.
  • 12/14/08 7:45 PM PST: Still going backwards. Several more games added onto the list, and no new progress. Will he be buried alive before he starts to actually make progress!?
  • 11/11/09 12:15 PM PST: Another long awaited update, actually made forward progress this time.


Children of Mana

  • Time: 3hr 55min
  • Progress: Completed Fiery Sands
  • 256 Lucre
  • Poppen lv18
    • Spirit: Wisp
    • Equipment: Long Sword, Spiked Flail, Iron Bow, Mallet, Leather Robe, Ring of Radiance

Dragon Quest 5

  • Sitting outside final dungeon with a party of ~Lv40 characters. Just need to muster up the will to bring it down.

Etrian Odyssey 2

  • Not yet started

Final Fantasy 3

  • Time: 8hr 49min 15sec
  • Location: Outside Water Shrine (Before Lower World's Revival)
  • 27663 Gil
  • Luneth lv19, Monk lv59
    • Equipment: Headband, Kenpo Gi, Mythril Gloves
    • Jobs: Freelancer lv7, Warrior lv4, Red Mage lv7
  • Arc lv19, Monk lv60
    • Equipment: Headband, Kenpo Gi, Mythril Gloves
    • Jobs: Freelancer lv4, Warior lv4, Red Mage lv6
  • Refia lv20, Monk lv59
    • Equipment: Headband, Kenpo Gi, Mythril Gloves
    • Jobs: Freelancer lv4, Warrior lv3, Red Mage lv6
  • Ingus lv19, Monk lv58
    • Equipment: Headband, Kenpo Gi, Mythril Gloves
    • Jobs: Freelancer lv4, Warrior lv3, Red Mage lv6
  • No, I have no idea why I poured so much time into Monk.

Final Fantasy 4

  • Location: The Moon, just outside final dungeon

Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

  • Not yet started

Rondo of Swords

  • Not yet started

The World Ends with You

  • Not yet started

Pokemon Pearl

Game Boy

Azure Dreams

  • Time: 22hr 51min 17sec
  • Equipment: Damascus +30, Forge +15
  • Monster: Cadavron lv22
  • Highest Floor: ~30f

Game Boy Advance

Megaman Battle Network 2

Pokemon Emerald

  • Play time: 11hr 30min
  • Location: Mt. Pyre
  • Badges: 6
  • Pokedex: 103 seen, 50 caught
  • Starter: Torchic
  • Mightyena lv41 (Rock Smash/Howl/Strength/Bite)
  • Pelipper lv41 (Fly/Surf/Supersonic/Wing Attack)
  • Gyarados lv22 (Splash/Tackle/Bite)
  • This game is only being used to transfer Pokemon to Pokemon Pearl; it'll be completed about when Pokemon Pearl is

Pokemon Leaf Green

Summon Night: Swordcraft Story

  • Save lost :(

Summon Night: Swordcraft Story 2

  • Not yet started

Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation

  • Save lost :(

Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation 2

  • Save lost :(


Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

  • Save probably lost :(

Skies of Arcadia: Legends

  • Not yet started

Tales of Symphonia

  • Not yet started


Chrono Cross

Dragon Warrior 7

  • Save lost. Again. Argh. >_<

Jade Cocoon

  • Save lost :(

Legend of Legaia

  • Time: 23hr 54min 12sec
  • Location: Zora's Floating Castle
  • 235338G
  • 392 coins
  • Vahn lv28
    • Equipment: Chaos Breaker, Hero Seal, Hero Armor, Triumph Boots, Wonder Amulet, Guardian Ring, Ivory Book
    • Magic: Gimard lv9, Vera lv9, Nighto lv9, Theeder lv7, Gizan lv1, Zenoir lv1, Swordie lv9, Orb lv4, Nova lv9, Gola Gola lv1, Viguro lv1, Kemaro lv6, Freed lv1, Mushura lv4, Aluru lv2, Spoon lv1, Iota lv2, Barra lv2, Puera lv1
  • Noa lv28
    • Equipment: Heavy Strike, Pronged Crown, Battle Robe, Steel Boots, Scarlet Jewel, Guardian Ring, Ivory Book
    • Magic: Nighto lv7, Vera lv9, Gimard lv9, Theeder lv6, Gizam lv1, Zenoir lv1, Swordie lv9, Orb lv4, Nova lv9, Gola Gola lv1, Viguro lv1, Freed lv1, Mushura lv2, Aluru lv1, Spoon lv2, Kemaro lv5, Iota lv2, Barra lv2, Puera lv1
  • Gala lv28
    • Equipment: Power Glove, War God Band, War God Plate, War God Boots, Azure Jewel, Guardian Ring, Ivory Book
    • Magic: Gimard lv9, Theeder lv3, Nighto lv4, Vera lv9, Gizam lv1, Zenoir lv1, Swordie lv9, Orb lv3, Nova lv9, Gola Gola lv1, Viguro lv1, Kemaro lv6, Freed lv1, Mushura lv3, Aluru lv2, Spoon lv2, Iota lv2, Barra lv1, Puera lv1

PlayStation 2

.hack//Infection (Part 1)

  • Not yet started

.hack//Mutation (Part 2)

  • Not yet started

.hack//Outbreak (Part 3)

  • Not yet started

Ar Tonelico 2

  • Something like halfway to 2/3 of the way through the game. On Luca path. Likely shooting for Luca ending.

Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana

  • Not yet started

Atelier Iris 2

  • Not yet started

Atelier Iris 3

  • Not yet started

Breath of Fire 5: Dragon Quarter

  • Not yet started

Dragon Quest 8

  • Time: 19hr 24min
  • Location: Argonia
  • 2236G
  • Hero lv24
    • Equipment: Reinfoced Boomerang, Bronze Armor, Iron Shield, Bronze Helmet
    • Proficiencies: Swords 7, Spears 8, Boomerangs 19, Fisticuffs 0, Courage 51
  • Yangus lv23
    • Equipment: Battle Axe, Chain Mail, Iron Shield, Pointy Hat, Gold Bracer
    • Proficiencies: Axes 21, Clubs 30, Scythes 22, Fisticuffs 5, Humanity 16
  • Jessica lv22
    • Equipment: Thorn Whip, Dancer's Costume, Kitty Shield, Silver Tiara, Gold Bracer
    • Proficiencies: Knives 2, Whips 7, Staves 42, Fisticuffs 2, Sex Appeal 21
  • Angelo lv22
    • Equipment: Templar's Sword, Leather Cape, Templar's Shield, Iron Helmet, Templar's Ring
    • Proficiencies: Swords 3, Bows 4, Staves 29, Fisticuffs 0, Charisma 5

Final Fantasy 10

  • Location: Inside Sin

Final Fantasy 10-2

  • Not yet started

Final Fantasy 12

  • Time: 9hr 14min 21sec
  • Location: Dalmasca Westersand
  • 345 gil
  • Vaan lv13
    • Equipment: Zwill Blade, Leather Shield, Leather Headgear, Bronze Chestplate, Orrachea Armlet
  • Balthier lv13
    • Equipment: Capella, Onion Shot, Headguard, Scale Armor
  • Fran lv12
    • Equipment: Aevis Killer, Onion Arrows, Headguard, Bronze Armor
  • Basch lv12
    • Equipment: Zwill Blade, Buckler, Bronze Helm, Scale Armor, Tourmaline Ring
  • Ashe lv13
    • Equipment: Long Sword, Escutcheon, Bronze Helm, Bronze Armor, Bangle
  • Penelo lv13
    • Equipment: Dagger, Leather Cap, Leather Clothing

Kingdom Hearts

  • Time: 8hr 0min
  • Location: Agrabah, Dark Chamber
  • 3291 munny
  • Sora lv23
    • Equipment: Jungle King, White Fang, Brave Warrior
    • Abilities: *Dodge Roll, *Combo Plus, *Vortex, *Scan, *Blitz, Sonic Blade, *Berserk
    • Summons: Simba
  • Donald lv21
    • Equipment: Morning Star, Protera Chain, Ifrit's Horn
    • Abilities: *Berserk, *MP Haste, *MP Rage
  • Goofy lv27
    • Equipment: Stout Shield, Fira Ring, Protect Chain
    • Abilities: *Rocket, *Jackpot, Charge, *Treasure Magnet, *Tornado

Kingdom Hearts 2

  • Not yet started

La Pucelle

  • Not yet started

Makai Kingdom

  • Not yet started


  • Not yet started

Metal Saga

  • Not yet started

Odin Sphere

  • Not yet started

Persona 3: FES

  • Not yet started

Persona 4

  • Not yet started

Phantom Brave

  • Not yet started

Radiata Stories

  • Not yet started

Rogue Galaxy

  • Not yet started

Shadow Hearts: Into the New World

  • Time: 57min 51sec
  • 1706 Cash
  • Location: New York City, Garland Detective Agency
  • Johnny lv5
    • Equipment: Clip Point, Cotton Shirt, Leather Belt
  • Shania lv5
    • Equipment: Little Claw, Cotton Blouse
  • Natan lv5
    • Equipment: Peacemaker, Cotton Shirt

Tales of Legendia

  • Not yet started

Tales of the Abyss

  • Not yet started

Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria

  • Not yet started

Wild Arms 3

  • Not yet started

Wild Arms 5

  • Not yet started

Xenosaga Episode 1

  • Not yet started


Final Fantasy 4: The After Years

  • Completed all tales except Lunarians' Tale and The Crystals.

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

  • Not yet started

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

  • Saved at: Faron Woods, cave entrance
  • Hearts: 3

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

  • Not yet started

Completed & Removed

  • Ar Tonelico: ~31hr 30 min; Obtained Aurica ending
  • Disgaea: Hour of Darkness: Obtained best ending
  • Disgaea 2: Completed Adell mode; Obtained best ending
  • Dragon Quest 4: Completed
  • Final Fantasy Legend 2: Completed with Human M/Human F/Mutant M/Mutant F party