MECHA: Model Number: MPSR-01
Name: Superior Unrestricted mass-Production Esper Robot (SUPER)
Unit Type: Limited Production Super Robot
Manufacturer: Roanoake Construction
Operator: Karen Dwight
Accommodation: Pilot only
Dimensions: Head height, 12.44m
Weight: 71 metric tons
Construction: Classified Reinforced Nanoskin, dubbed 'Nanoflesh'
Powerplant: Gravity Translation Plant, power rating unknown
Equipment: Sensors, range 30 km; ECM, 5km range; Assist Computer (AC) AI; Integrated Cockpit/pilot system; Direct-Mind Meld;
Jump Gate Drive Interface, Gravity Manipulation Field System
Fixed Armaments: None
Optional Armaments: Prototype GravCon Rings for Gravblades, Twin Solid Steel Swords, prototype Gravrifle, 
Striker-issue Assault Rifle, Striker-issue bazooka.


	It is the year 2287, and for the past twenty years relative peace has enveloped the world, 
since the advent of the Strikers, twenty meter tall machines meant to fight tanks. However,
they proved so effective that they dominated even against jets and other types of warfare.
This was owed to their creators, the shadowy corporation which later rose to the public eye
as Roanoake Construction.

	By then, many other corporations had taken the basic Striker model and improved it, making 
countless variations, which eventually matured into the Ripper project, the successors of 
the Strikers. However, they were immensely expensive so despite their great power, only a 
few armies in the world could afford them. Roanoake Construction, acutely aware of this, 
decided to make a new type of unit, one that could be cheap AND powerful.

	Unfortunately, this could not be done with the world's current materials, so Roanoake took 
upon an R&D period of over ten years to develop what they codenamed 'Nanoflesh'. It was 
effectively as close to an organic being as it could get, using nanomachines as like little 
cells for the 'flesh'. To protect this vulnerable 'nanoflesh', Ripper-grade armor was installed
over every reasonable inch of the SUPER Mk. I, rendering it basically a massive armored knight,
with the Gravity Manipulation Field to lessen the blows and help protect it further. This was 
the first step in the development of the SUPER Mk. I's most ambitious feature. Evolution.

	This would allow the SUPER Mk. I to, when put in a life-threatening position and the AC 
AI determines that the pilot is ready for it, will use the pilot's personal power, later
dubbed Aura as that was the form the power took most often, to act as a catalyst, infusing
the 'cells' of the nanoflesh with their Aura and, subconsciously, informing the cells to 
change and multiple in a way most befitting and beneficial for the pilot. This would thus cause
the developmental costs of the unit to be as low as possible, because aside from basic maintenance
and upgrades, there would be little need to ever retrofit the units. In theory, anyways.

	The first SUPER Mk. Is were built on Roanoake Construction's Lunar HQ, where they had many 
factories specially set up just to construct the unique SUPERs. Ten models were built, and
five were shipped to Earth for testing within a standard gravity well, while the other
five were shipped to two different places - three went to RC's colony on Pluto for
special testing, along with simulated deep-space testing. The other two went to RC's
Mars colony to see how they would fair in such a climate.

	Unfortunately, in the midst of the transferring and testing, war was on the verge of breaking
out on Earth, the beginning of World War III. After a political gaffe, the Pope had withdrawn
all support from Rome's parent country, Italy, breaking an arrangement that had been made over
a hundred years prior at the behest of the current Italian president, hoping to save the then-failing
Italian economy, who was suffering from a great depression. This strained the relationships between
the two countries, and the following Popes despised having to send even a little bit of their money
to help fund Italy. But it was due to the immense taxes that Italy had been imposing, increasing
over the years, that even the relatively minor gaffe was seen as 'over the line.

	Due to the crippling economic blow from the loss of tourism money, and the horrible black mark on Italy's
name now, the military-industry giant's president decided it was time to find a way to reclaim Italy's
former glory. And to do this, he reasoned, anything could and should be done. The preparations of this
would take many years however, leading up to 2295, eight years since the incident had occurred.
It desired the Rippers that the Papal Swiss Guard of the Pope had, but also learning about the SUPER
project, decided it was worthy of taking to. If not to secure the them for itself, but to also deprive
other countries of any possible benefits of the SUPER project. 
	As a diversion Italy committed a few battalions of its infantry and tanks on an assault on North Africa,
 while its special forces attacked Rome with Strikers equipped with special nerve gas canister-firing bazookas, to recover the units as undamaged as possible.
The assault of North Africa was solely to draw attention to its assault on Rome, to give them time to secure
as many Rippers as possible. This was necessary due to the immense strength the Rippers had. And due to their
immensely expense, it was inefficiently to buy or build them. 
	Simultaneously, it launched small patrol boat to the Pluto and Mars colonies, hoping to catch them off-guard so they wouldn't have to send out an expensive fleet. To Italy, regaining its former wealth and glory was a number one issue, even if it meant heavy risks of retaliations for the attacks on the northern African countries. It was hoped, though, that the world would not care enough about the poor African countries, and not declare war. Against Rome, it was trickier, but it was hoped that the rest of the world would delay actually declaring war and attacking long enough for them to get the Rippers and maybe SUPERs. With Pluto and Mars, it would be maybe up to a year before anyone heard from Pluto at best, and all they'd have to do is to disable any ship on either planet to lengthen that time as long as possible. This, Italy had hoped, would give them enough time to consolidate their forces and ready for an attack on nearby resource-laden countries.

	When the patrol boat arrived at Pluto, it unleashed its Strikers on the colony to hijack the SUPERs
that were there... or destroy them if necessary. Unfortunately for them though, the wife and daughter
of one of the men responsible for testing the SUPERs survived the initial assault, and took refuge
in one of the SUPERs. The wife decides to activate it to protect her daughter, and goes out into combat.
She managed to wipe out the enemy Strikers and is saved from the patrol ship when a massive RC assault carrier,
the Phoenix, Jump Drives in. Afterwards, after testing reveals that the two are more compatible with the SUPERs
than anyone else - as everyone else has only been able to make it sluggishly move, if at all, they are assigned
the two surviving SUPER Mk. Is.

Technical Notes and Data:

	The SUPER Mk. I is made up of the previously mentioned nanoflesh, but it contains many more unique abilities
than that. It is the first mecha to come equipped with a Gravity Manipulation Field system, which is the basis
of starship design. The Gravity Manipulation Field uses the Gravity Translation Plant to use some of the
translated gravitrons and the energy produced from translating them to form a gravity barrier around the 
unit. This can literally cut it off from normal gravity, allowing it to act as if it was manuevering through
space. However, the barrier can be 'hardened' using intense gravity to repel or push attacks off course,
enough to make only grazing hits rather than a direct hit. The original use of this barrier was to allow 
battleships to escape the atmosphere, or reenter without the need for special materials or equipment. Use 
of it produces a blurring effect around the unit, making it even harder to hit the center of the unit. 

The Jump Gate Drive is a prototype teleportation device, used mainly on battleships for crossing the Solar System.
It was placed on a few of the prototype SUPERs to test if a mecha-sized unit can handle it. It takes an immense
amount of energy to use for such a long jump, so the SUPERs are relegated for combat jumps, allowing for effective
mobility on the battlefield. 

The Gravity Translation Plant in it was built to fuel most anything in the atmosphere. While it worked
just fine in space, it sometimes had a lag in output. This gives the SUPER Mk. I an almost unlimited
endurance, as long as the unit does not exceeds the plant's output too much with its attacks. These
worked by using the Gravity Manipulation Field 

The prototype Gravity Control Rings allow it a more localized version of the barrier - this is used
to create the unit's gravblades, swords of the gravity/energy mixture that the barrier is made of.
Its cutting edge is terribly sharp, but the weapons are fragile thanks to their prototype status. 
They were installed in a shield which could be used for defense, but their main purpose was to simply
protect the fragile GravCon Rings. 

The most mysterious but effective feature of the SUPER Mk. I is the Direct Mind-Meld Interface. 
It could effectively be called the cockpit of the unit, as once the pilot activated it, they 
literally became one mentally with the unit. Unfortunately for most people, the Direct Mind-Meld
Interface had a flaw - only people with heightened Aura power could effectively use it, as it
drew from their Aura to give the 'spark of life' to the unit. Otherwise, it seemed much weaker
and slower than it truly was. While it was a capable unit with the diminished spark, its true
power only shone with a fully born SUPER Mk. I.

With certain pilots, under extreme circumstances the unit has been known to draw out the hidden
power of the pilot, producing an effect dubbed 'Ascension'. There are two states seen so for in
the test pilots, a so-called 'Partial' Ascension where the pilot only becomes infused with a bright
Aura... and a 'Full' Ascension where the entire unit is infused with this great power. This allows for
the unit to work at a previously unheard of level of performance, though using such is draining on the pilot.
Unfortunately, for post pilots, it only comes out when the unit/pilot is terribly injured.

Nanoflesh: As previously described above, it is effectively a colony of nanomachines mimicking
flesh and blood. This allows it rapid regeneration of injuries using some of the output
of the Gravity Translation Plant. 

The SUPER Mk. I's attacks include all of these:

Solid State Swords: Two swords wielded in both hands simultaneously. They're normal solid metal swords,
just tempered to be able to resist damage, as otherwise, a gravblade would rip them apart.

Gravblade - a sword of pure gravity created with one of the Grav-Con Ring, to make a relentlessly cutting blade.

Double Gravblade Assault - Both gravblades wielded simultaneously in a flurry of slashes. 

Assault Rifle - An assault rifle slightly too small for the SUPER Mk. I, making it easy to wield like a
pistol, but with decent stopping power in the bullets.

Bazooka - A bazooka slightly too small for the SUPER Mk. I, comparable to a regular Gundam-type bazooka.

Full Power Gravblade - Aura energy is focused into it, giving it much more power but making it unstable.
The slash from this is immensely hard to block.

Cosmic Strike - An aura strike where Aura Power is gathered into one's fist and the SUPER Mk. I attempts 
to punch into the enemy, causing damage greater damage from the Aura-enflamed fist. 

Cosmic Strike Cannon - A Partial Ascension attack where Aura is gathered like a Cosmic Strike, but instead 
of just punching the enemy directly, the unit punches the enemy with two Cosmic Strikes, and THEN unleashes
the Aura in a beam of deadly light. A precursor to the Aura Cannon. 

Burst Strike - A Partial Ascension SUPER Mk. I version of Cosmic Strike, except this is a combo of many 
Cosmic Strikes before a final one is driven into the unit, and an Cosmic Strike Cannon is fired. 

Aura Cannon - A very large beam of Aura Power unleashed at an enemy, that can only be fired in the
midst of Full Ascension, as its power is that great.