Dimensional Travelers Stargate SG-1

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Series Details

[b]Series Name:[/b] Dimensional Travelers Stargate SG-1

[b]Series Info:[/b] SimChamber Original Series

[b]Description:[/b] Deep within Cheyenne Mountain lies the secret base of Stargate Command, an organization whose task is to explore the galaxy using the "Stargate", a network of devices which allows for instant travel between planets, looking for technologies and allies to help them in their fight against the Goa'uld. The series focuses primarially on SG-1, the flagship team of Stargate Command, and their many adventures across the galaxy.

The show was 52 episodes long, split over 2 story arcs. The first 26 episodes covered SGC starting to explore the galaxy, and their initial encounters with the Goa'uld, ending with a final battle against Apophis, the leader of the primary Goa'uld faction targeting Earth. The final 26 episodes went further into some of the things introduced in the first half, focusing on Anubus, a Goa'uld who is partially Ascended. The series ends with the defeat of Anubus, but also hinting at the approach of a new, more dangerous enemy.


Stargate Command


Other Races

  • Asgard
  • Replicators