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Player Levels

All pilots will use the normal Level system to determine rough power. A player's level will also determine if there are any penalties towards PP gains for a mission. If a player's level is higher then the mission, then they will gain less PP, until they are eventually not gaining any at all.

Mission Timer

In order to try to keep things moving smoothly, all matches in New Jagged Universe will have a total time limit of 2 weeks from initial opening. If the match does not come to a clear conclusion by that time, then the moderator will award victory based on which team has more of their mission objectives completed. For example, in a match that is entirely "Kill the other team", the team that has killed the most enemy units would be the winner. In a match that is "Destroy target objects", if the majority of the target objects were destroyed, then the attackers would be the winner.

In the event of a tie through these means, then the ability for each team to continue fighting is compared. The team with the least aggregate HP, EN, ammo, SP, DP, AP, and other resources will be declared the loser.

In the event there is still a tie, or ability to continue fighting cannot be reasonably compared, then it is moderator's discretion as to who is the winning team.


As players do missions for each faction, they will gain Reputation. Reputation can control a number of things, from access to higher level mecha and items to being able to take special missions with better rewards. However, as a player goes up in reputation, they hurt their standings with the other factions, eventually becoming unable to interact with them at all (other then through special Reputation Recovery missions).

Each regular mission for a faction awards 200 Reputation with them, but reduces your Reputation with all other factions by 50. The faction reputation levels are:

  • Hated (-3000 and lower): Unable to purchase faction units or take faction missions, except for Reputation Recovery missions
  • Unfriendly (-1000 to -2999): Unable to purchase faction units, but can take faction missions. Reputation Recovery missions are also available.
  • Neutral (-999 to 999): Can purchase Rank 1 to 5 faction units, and take faction missions.
  • Friendly (1000 to 4999): Can purchase Rank 6 to 10 faction units, and has access to some special faction missions.
  • Ally (5000 to 9999): Can purchase Rank 11 to 15 faction units, and gains access to more special faction missions.
  • [Placeholder] (10000+): Can purchase Rank 16+ faction units, Rank 5+ items, and gain access to more special faction missions.