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In an attempt to [s]distract[/s] reward fans after Original Generations was delayed until 2008, Banpresto announced they were releasing a new anime based on the Original Generation line. However, instead of being a continuation of Divine Wars, as was expected, it was instead a super deformed show in the vein of SD Gundam Force.

The announcement received lukewarm response from fans, and the actual release was even worse. The show turned out to be too kiddy for most fans, while children didn't understand it as characters and events were designed for viewers who were familiar with Original Generation. On top of that, the show was derided as being too derivative, with many aspects obviously copied directly from SD Gundam Force (many of the same people worked on both shows). The final nail in the coffin was that the timeslot it filled was placed against the hugely popular Shift Mazinger. Not only were most fans watching Shift Mazinger instead, but the timeslot was far too late for children, leaving the fansub community as the only audience of note.

However, the failure of the show didn't faze Banpresto, and after the show's conclusion (and after the release of Original Generations) they announced that later in the year, a crossover game featuring SD Gundam Force and SD Trooper Squad would be released.

Series Details

[b]Series Official Name:[/b] Sensational Defender Trooper Squad
[b]Alternate Names:[/b] SD Trooper Squad
[b]Series Info:[/b] 26 episode TV series
[b]Series Description:[/b] In another dimension, similar to ours, people live together with robotic companions known as Mobile Citizens. Once a peaceful land, they are now under attack by the forces of the Dark Crusaders, an evil organization bent on ruling all dimensions. Opposing them are the forces of the Super Dimensional Guard, the Trooper Squad. Led by Captain Huckebein, they fight to stop the Dark Crusader's plans once and for all!

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