Virtual Stadium Monthly Summary

This is Chouta back with the news in the Virtual Stadium, July Edition! First up, continuing from last month is Virtual Storm 2.
In the Heavy Weight Division, Team Koutetsu Kyodai (Rurounin Mao and Gavin Mendoras) finally grinds Team Prana (Rooster and Kazastankas) away for the win. Team Dragon (Aslan Cross and MelissaCalhoun) faces off against Team Vash (Vash Hino and Nerem) as the battle is burning up the battlefield!

In the Middle Weight Division, Team Shadow Guard (Tarngold and Rebi Tora) withdraws from VS2 and forfeits the win to Team Black Rose (Jaiku and Seth Valentine.) Team G (MaullarMaullar and Altair Specineff) is crushed by Team R/T (Ryune Zoldark and Trigger) in a war of (X) spam as Ryune lives up to her name of the "Multi-hit Empress." Team Hurricane and Rosey (Keiichi Morisato and Gavin Mendoras) relinquishes the win to Team Untouchables (Regris and Rooster) as Regris dual-controls and comes out on top.

In the Light Weight Division, Team Brainiac (Radius and Seth Valentine) defeats Team Ginn Chevalier (Quattro and Danny Ereox) as Quattro is destroyed and Danny eats the dreaded prone. Team R/T (Ryune Zoldark and Trigger) and Team Gear Fighter (Hirosue Ryoko and Ladious Sopp) are tearing up the battlefield as their battle continues. Team Autobahn (Julius Firefocht and Lyonesse) and Team Weirdo (MelissaCalhoun and Rooster) are slowing down the battle, but they’re still swinging at each other hard.

Ta_kun’s Rebirth is back on track and finished as Imban gravely stepped up to accept the fate of the defeated GAIA forces. As the battle ends, the MVP award is awarded to Trigger for the most obscene spam Support Defending ever with a Real-type pilot.
Now we come to City of Heroes, designed by the bondage master MaullarMaullar, which pits superheroes against enemies of giant doom along with eight bystanders caught in the crossfire, all of whom are still alive. Currently, the Mooks have fallen, but the Redshirts have come, bearing Gespensts as gifts!

Speaking of the Multi-hit Empress, Ryune’s stipend fight is a six vs. six on speed since there are no items at all. This battle’s kicking into high gear as challengers are posting against Ryune’s torrent of firepower.

Following this is the Divine Crusader Faction Event “Swords, Gather!” as our OG heroes take to the field again. Zengar, Kyousuke, Excellen and the Dancougar team join forces to ward off Yazan and his Titan cronies who were trying to hijack the Beast Machines.

Oh, here comes Imban the unit breaker with another event as Banditry and Mistrust is drawing to an end. Our band of 6 has defeated numerous mysterious enemies, and a skill point has been attained for the capture of a renegade SR. All that remains is destroying the remaining resistance... or is it? No! It’s a monster of a Getter Boss and it’s putting the hurt on the party as the battlefield is plunged into darkness...

Back at the First Annual Strike Club Convention, the battle is heating up as the enemy forces and carrier ship are slowly being worn down by the multitudes of Strikes, R&Ded and otherwise.
Fight Stats - July 2005
Most PCs
1) Umbaglo (3850)
2) Shingro (2100)
3) Saito (1900)
*) Mechalomaniac

Most UPs
1) Kazastankas (564)
2) Shingro (554)
3) Umbaglo (511)

Most Wins
1) Umbaglo (10)
2) Mechalomaniac (8)
3) Saito Ryujin (7)
*) Shingro (7)

Most Losses
1) Kazastankas (9)
2) Shingro (7)
3) Saito Ryujin (6)
*) Mechalomaniac (6)

Most Fights
1) Kazastankas (15)
2) Mechalomaniac (14)
*) Shingro (14)

Supplied by Umbaglo

I wouldn’t head for Sirger if I were you, because the CAKE event to save the city from hellbeasts has begun. Currently the situation is grim as Saito Ryujin, Radius, and Kazastankas square off against the enemy reinforcements that just arrived, now giving the enemy a 4:1 ratio against our heroes, despite them slowly knocking out enemy units. More to come as the Event and Enemy posts are appearing!

Quattro Bajina had his stipend fight start and end as fast as his old ace name implies, beating down both Titans and crippling the AEUG!

Rayearth’s event is in full swing as three teams vie for the expunged freebie pods from the Pony Express. With the Pony Express out of commission and Rayearth personally deployed, we can only see that this is going to be really messy.

Kazastankas’ Ferric Assault has hit a rough spot, as our group of 6 hits the enemy base and runs headlong into enemy forces and a new foe.

From Touhou-Regris productions, we bring you Improbabilities of Mountain Crisis, where people square off against the enemy on foot, as the players manage to hit town and restock on supplies. Currently the event is frozen until Regris gets things sorted out in life, so let’s keep tabs on this event.

High Commander Frost starts things off with a bang against new members as five lucky people square off against a giant monstrosity-- for a chance at 1500 UPs--while defending a mothership. Currently, four turns have passed and the enemy is almost downed. We’ll have to wait and find out what happens as Imban is given control of the enemy...

From Banis-dressing Studios, it’s Succession. Two forces take to the field as one side keeps reinforcements from getting through and the other force is on foot guarding the hangar bays. The outside force is handling the enemy with relative ease as the hangar defense begins to tear up the invading forces.

Last but not least, HAGANE kicks off its first event on Earth with a battle against Devil Gundam. Seven HAGANE members squared off with an advance force before reinforcements from Astar arrived and overran the enemy, prompting the Devil Gundam to appear; now the firepower is directed at it. battlefield.

So ends the reports from Virtual Stadium. See you next month.

-Nayuta Chouta