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Way to go Banpresto!

Hello, everyone! This is the Vanishing Trooper Impulse, aka Ta-kun, once again, with a fun article regarding our object of common interest, Super Robot Wars. Last time I took a very in-depth look at Banpresto's biggest mistakes; to be fair, I will cover Banpresto's assets during this session. Once again, I must warn you that all the comments made in this article do not represent the feelings of anyone but myself, Ta-kun.
Nš1: Cybaster. You might say "all the originals in general should be number one," but you must give credit to Masoukishin; it has two games dedicated entirely to it (SRW EX and SRW Gaiden, both for SNES) and it completely changed the way SRW games were made (it added much more complicated plots thanks to the originals, of which Cybaster is the first, appearing in SRW2 for the NES. Additionally, it has two of what we'll call bastard children, Shin Masoukishin and Rayblade (aka "I'm not Cybaster.")

Nš2: Ryusei Date. Although I just love Chouki Taisen SRX and all its cast, concepts and mecha, I must pick Ryusei from the whole pack for a single reason: he's the realization of all the mecha fanboys' dream--to be a normal boy who turns into a mecha pilot, gets to meet all the classic mecha pilots and gets to be in control of one of the strongest mecha in Banpresto's story, Banpreios. Personally I think of Ryusei as an example to follow, as someone who managed to surpass the fanboy limits...

Nš3: Zengar Zombolt. I don't care if you call him Sanger Sombold or whatever, Mr. I-Cleave-Evil is the most heroic character ever made--after Segata Sanshiro and Ryusei Date. And being the Sword that cleaves evil would not be complete without the 60-meter Zankantou! Besides, being able to name a unit after yourself--Bushin Soukon Daizengar (no matter how coincidental that turns to be)--is a sign that you're cool (or too egocentric, which does not seem to be the case.)

Fight Stats - July 2005
Most PCs
1) Umbaglo (3850)
2) Shingro (2100)
3) Saito (1900)
*) Mechalomaniac

Most UPs
1) Kazastankas (564)
2) Shingro (554)
3) Umbaglo (511)

Most Wins
1) Umbaglo (10)
2) Mechalomaniac (8)
3) Saito Ryujin (7)
*) Shingro (7)

Most Losses
1) Kazastankas (9)
2) Shingro (7)
3) Saito Ryujin (6)
*) Mechalomaniac (6)

Most Fights
1) Kazastankas (15)
2) Mechalomaniac (14)
*) Shingro (14)

Supplied by Umbaglo
Nš4: Alphaverse (short for Alpha Universe). In all that it means, Alphaverse is the most amazing, complete, exceptional, full of surprises, fun to play, full of replay value... okay, I could continue, but you get what I mean--in all terms, Alphaverse IS THE BEST SRW universe ever made. Although we have only two other major universes with which to compare (SRW2-4/F/FF and Impact,) no matter what, I think I can still get my old copy of Alpha and play it over and over and over...

Nš5: OGverse. Okay, I must admit that I am a Banpresto Original fanboy, but a fully original game, with special systems, a mixed plot, deep character development, all in a handheld (ergo, I can download it =P) is simply great. I wish for an OG Complete Box for the PS2 or 3 with voices and Alpha 3 graphics, but that might be too much, don't you think?

I could continue, but I'd rather keep you thinking of more Banpresto assets on your own... this is the Original Vanishing Trooper saying, if it's Alpha, it's good!, and Thanks Banpresto for Alpha 3, and Good Bye Alpha...

-Ta Kun

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Random Riddles, by Soloista

Puzzle 1: A ladybug wants to cross from one corner of a unit cube to the opposite diagonal corner. This distance is the square root of 3. Assuming the cube is highly solid, calculate for the shortest path to that corner."

Puzzle 2: How many squares can be found in an n * n board? What is the simplest manner in which one could find out the number of squares in the board if its side is increased by 1 unit?

Answers: Ask solo!!