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This month the Newsletter got a bit late, but even so, it managed to appear just in time... let's hope that next month's will appear on time... the Newsletter team deeply apologises for the delay on this issue's delivery, and hopes that it will not happen again. Our big producer, Sytax is going trough a kinda busy period, so the one who's behind this editorial on this issue is me, Ta-kun.
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Scouring the Streets

The search continues as police forces around the system are rising into action, attempting to bring the five most feared villains of our time into justice.

Everywhere throughout the past week efforts made by the police forces of every nation have increased rapidly in an attempt to come across any information leading to the acquisition of these criminals. The approximate whereabouts of their hideouts, their appearances, and even their names are completely unknown, and a reward of 200 PCs has been offered to anyone who can supply information that can lead to the capture of these terrifying villains...Read more here...
Fight Stats - July 2005
Most PCs
1) Umbaglo (3850)
2) Shingro (2100)
3) Saito (1900)
*) Mechalomaniac

Most UPs
1) Kazastankas (564)
2) Shingro (554)
3) Umbaglo (511)

Most Wins
1) Umbaglo (10)
2) Mechalomaniac (8)
3) Saito Ryujin (7)
*) Shingro (7)

Most Losses
1) Kazastankas (9)
2) Shingro (7)
3) Saito Ryujin (6)
*) Mechalomaniac (6)

Most Fights
1) Kazastankas (15)
2) Mechalomaniac (14)
*) Shingro (14)

Supplied by Umbaglo

Way to go Banpresto!

"0200 hours. All clear."

"How's it look?"

Last time I took a very in-depth look at Banpresto's biggest mistakes; to be fair, I will cover Banpresto's assets during this session. Once again, I must warn you that all the comments made in this article do not represent the feelings of anyone but myself, Ta-kun.

Nš1: Cybaster. You might say "all the originals in general should be number one," but you must give credit to Masoukishin; it has two games dedicated entirely to it (SRW EX and SRW Gaiden, both for SNES) and it completely changed the way SRW games were made (it added much more complicated plots thanks to the originals, of which Cybaster is the first, appearing in SRW2 for the NES... Read more here...