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Sentient Weapon's Escape

HAGANE, the well known faction whose base was destroyed only recently, has sited its new base in the Swiss Alps of Western Europe, after gaining construction rights from the Earth Federation. This brings a new ray of hope to the people of the Sol System, a clear sign that Justice is not yet willing to admit defeat.

During entry into the Earth's atmosphere, an experimental weapon escaped from the shuttle transporting it. Supposedly a replication of the monstrous Devil Gundam, last seen during the 13th Gundam Fight, the weapon is sentient and has a very unique type of technology that allows it to evolve at will, to the point where it can possibly create new weapons for its own purposes. In the wrong hands, this kind of power can cause destruction unlike any other.

As such, the leaders of HAGANE are doing their best to prevent this, having sent a team of their finest soldiers to retrieve the weapon, or destroy it if this is not possible. Through such procedures it can be assumed that they have the situation under control, and they would like to assure civilians in the area that there is no great cause for concern.

On a last moment newsflash, it's been announced that several units from diferent groups and factions joined HAGANE on it's mission to control the named weapon.

-Seth Valentine
Fight Stats - July 2005
Most PCs
1) Umbaglo (3850)
2) Shingro (2100)
3) Saito (1900)
*) Mechalomaniac

Most UPs
1) Kazastankas (564)
2) Shingro (554)
3) Umbaglo (511)

Most Wins
1) Umbaglo (10)
2) Mechalomaniac (8)
3) Saito Ryujin (7)
*) Shingro (7)

Most Losses
1) Kazastankas (9)
2) Shingro (7)
3) Saito Ryujin (6)
*) Mechalomaniac (6)

Most Fights
1) Kazastankas (15)
2) Mechalomaniac (14)
*) Shingro (14)

Supplied by Umbaglo